Omega Seiki Mobility Presents Rage+ H2x

Image Credits: Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Mobility has entered the realm of hydrogen-powered vehicles with the debut of its inaugural three-wheeler, named the Rage+H2x, at the Hyvolution Paris event. This marks a milestone for the company as it expands its product portfolio to embrace the cutting-edge technology of hydrogen mobility.

Omega Seiki Mobility, a subsidiary of the Anglian Omega Group, is one of the pioneering players in the electric mobility space. The company focuses on manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) and developing sustainable transportation solutions. It offers a diverse range of electric vehicles, including e-rickshaws and electric three-wheelers.

The company is in the process of developing a compact commercial vehicle in collaboration with a French entity, a strategic move that is poised to propel this innovative initiative forward and signify a leap toward sustainable practices within the domestic market.

The Rage+ H2x, beyond being a mere vehicle, stands as a marvel of engineering, integrating cutting-edge technology with a strong commitment to environmental consciousness. This revolutionary addition to urban landscapes is poised to transform the landscape of transportation.

the production cost of green hydrogen is anticipated to fall within the range of ₹240-280 per kg, surpassing that of its grey and blue counterparts. To enhance the competitiveness of green hydrogen, a proposed subsidy ranging from ₹40-50 per kg in certain cases could narrow the cost differential.

In a development from the previous year, Tata Motors introduced the Prima H.55S, a hydrogen-powered engine boasting an impressive 290HP and an outstanding torque of 1200Nm. With a substantial maximum range of 350-500km, this vehicle underscores the growing potential of hydrogen as a clean and efficient fuel source.

Uday Narang, the visionary Founder of OSM, has shared details regarding the venture, unveiling plans to secure a USD 25 million from the US and European markets. The forthcoming deal aligns with India’s ambitious vision for 2030, aiming to achieve a 45% reduction in emissions, thereby solidifying the company’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.


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