New igus E4Q.64L Energy Chain: Lightweight, Cost-Effective, and Efficient

Intuitive indentations in the crossbars allow for quick tool-free opening, streamlining maintenance and reducing downtime

igus, a global leader in motion plastics, has unveiled a new addition to its energy chain portfolio, the E4Q.64L. This bionic design marvel is engineered for applications with large unsupported lengths and high fill weights, offering exceptional performance at a fraction of the cost.

The E4Q-series energy chain has already established itself as a reliable solution in demanding applications, from linear robot axes to machine tools. Its wide side links and four stop-dogs per chain link ensure robustness, while the tool-free opening mechanism reduces assembly time by up to 40%. However, for applications with medium loads, the E4Q was considered oversized, prompting igus to develop the “L” variant.

Christian Ziegler, Head of e-chain Product Management at igus, explains the motivation behind the E4Q.64L’s creation: “We wanted to offer users the advantages of the E4Q in applications with medium loads while maintaining affordability. The E4Q.64L achieves this, costing between 15% and 20% less than its larger counterpart.”

To strike the right balance between weight and robustness, igus’ designers employed a bionic design, eliminating non-load-bearing material. The narrower side links reduce the E4Q.64L’s dead weight, making it significantly lighter without compromising on strength. The chain also features an innovative three stop-dogs per chain link, resulting in a more regular power flow and longer service life.

Christian Ziegler, Head of e-chain Product Management at igus

The benefits of the E4Q.64L extend beyond cost savings. Tests conducted at the igus test laboratory demonstrated that the new chain possesses an impressive 30% greater breaking moment compared to the 14240 series used for unsupported applications. As a result, it can support up to 20% more length with the same fill weight. For example, at 4kg/m, the E4Q.64L can manage up to 3.2 meters, while previous models handled just 2.7 meters.

Ziegler highlights the versatility of the E4Q.64L, saying, “The outstanding strength of the E4Q.64L allows us to serve many applications, such as car washes and airport passenger boarding bridges, more cost-effectively than ever before.” The optimized internal to external dimensions ratio ensures ample space for power and data cables, while the chain’s inner height of 64mm enables operation in two bending directions.

The E4Q.64L’s flexibility further extends to its width variations, ranging from 100 to 500 millimeters. igus has retained the crossbars from the original E4Q design, making the low-cost version just as easy to open and operate. Intuitive indentations in the crossbars allow for quick tool-free opening, streamlining maintenance and reducing downtime.

With the E4Q.64L’s wide range of sizes and cost-effective design, engineers and manufacturers can now optimize their applications without compromising performance or breaking the bank. From machine tools to car washes, the E4Q.64L stands ready to transform engineering efficiency with its innovative, lightweight, and cost-effective solution.


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