Log9 and Trinity Cleantech Team Together

EV Charging

Log9 and Trinity Cleantech have joined forces strategically to propel India’s electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Trinity’s “Thunder+” brand is gearing up to install 2,000 public charging stations across India by the upcoming fiscal year. This partnership aims to reduce range anxiety and enhance trust in EV adoption.

Log9 is a pioneering nanotechnology company based in India, known for its innovative solutions in energy storage and filtration. Their flagship product, the Metal-Air Battery, offers a high energy density, making it ideal for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Log9 also specializes in graphene-based filtration technologies for air and water purification, addressing environmental challenges with sustainable solutions.

Trinity Cleantech, on the other hand, is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, focusing on solar power and energy storage. Based in India, Trinity Cleantech offers a range of products and services, including solar panels, inverters, and energy management systems. Their mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy technologies and reduce the carbon footprint of businesses and communities.

The emphasis on Type 6 fast chargers marks a significant advancement in charging technology, with several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) collaborating to accelerate India’s shift to quicker and more convenient EV charging. Apart from integrating hardware, the Log9 and Trinity Cleantech partnership focuses on seamless interoperability using Trinity’s Thunder Platform and Log9’s “Instacharge” platform.

This commitment extends to the BCA LEV DC standard, ensuring universal charging compatibility and future-proofing against technological advancements. Kartik Hajela, Log9’s Co-Founder and COO, emphasizes how the partnership expands fast-charging infrastructure for last-mile commercial applications, highlighting the importance of the Type 6/Bharat LEV DC standard.

Raj Kumar Medimi, Trinity Cleantech’s CEO, recognizes the collaboration’s importance in providing nationwide access to fast charging for vehicles with Type-6 connectors. This initiative not only enhances industry confidence but also improves convenience for current electric three-wheeler (e3W) and two-wheeler (e2W) owners.

Medimi anticipates that this partnership will hasten EV adoption, combat vehicular pollution, and contribute to environmental sustainability. The collaboration between Log9 and Trinity Cleantech marks a crucial juncture in India’s electric vehicle (EV) progress, set to accelerate the country’s EV infrastructure and lay the groundwork for a sustainable future on the streets.


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