Linde to Supply Industrial Gases to Indian Oil Refinery

Linde’s entities will build, own and operate major new on-site facilities to supply hydrogen, nitrogen
Linde India has secured a long-term agreement to supply industrial gases, including hydrogen, nitrogen, and compressed dry air, to Indian Oil Corporation’s Panipat refinery in Northern India. These gases play a vital role in the refining process, enabling cleaner fuel production and various operational functions. This project, which marks Linde’s second large-scale hydrogen plant for Indian Oil, will support the Panipat refinery’s significant expansion from 15 to 25 million metric tons per annum. Linde aims to leverage its technology and track record to enhance its presence in Northern India.

Linde, a global leader in industrial gases and engineering, is pleased to announce that its entities in India have entered into long-term agreements to supply industrial gases to Indian Oil Corporation’s Panipat refinery in Northern India.

Linde’s entities in India will undertake the construction, ownership, and operation of substantial on-site facilities to provide hydrogen, nitrogen, and compressed dry air to Indian Oil on a Job Work basis. These on-site facilities will play a pivotal role in supporting the ambitious expansion of the Panipat refinery, increasing its capacity from 15 to 25 million metric tons per annum.

Industrial gases are integral to the refining process, serving various critical functions, including sulfur removal for clean fuel production, crude oil cracking for diverse product outputs, and equipment purging and cleaning within the refining process.

Moloy Banerjee, President ASEAN & South Asia at Linde

The Panipat project signifies the second large-scale hydrogen plant built, owned, and operated by Linde entities for Indian Oil. It also stands as one of Linde’s most substantial on-site plants in India, with a combined industrial gas production capacity of 142,200 cubic meters (Nm3) per hour. The plant is anticipated to commence operations in 2025.

In addition to serving the needs of Indian Oil, this new on-site complex will cater to the demand for nitrogen across various industries, including chemicals, energy, and manufacturing.

Moloy Banerjee, President ASEAN & South Asia at Linde, expressed the company’s commitment to the project, stating, “We won this project on the basis of the best-in-class efficiency offered by our technology, plus Linde’s track record of safely and reliably supplying our customers. We look forward to building on our existing relationship with Indian Oil while also increasing our network density in Northern India.”

About Linde

Linde is a leading global industrial gases and engineering company, boasting 2022 sales of $33 billion. With a mission to make the world more productive, Linde provides high-quality solutions, technologies, and services that enhance customer success while contributing to environmental sustainability, decarbonization, and planet protection.

The company serves diverse end markets, including chemicals, energy, food, beverage, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, metals, and mining. Linde’s industrial gases and technologies find applications across a wide range of industries, from clean hydrogen production to carbon capture systems vital for the energy transition, to the provision of life-saving medical oxygen and high-purity specialty gases for the electronics sector. Linde also delivers cutting-edge gas processing solutions to support customer expansion, enhance efficiency, and reduce emissions.


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