Kirloskar Unveils Cutting-Edge CPCB IV+ Gensets: Setting New Standards in Power Generation

Rahul Sahai, CEO Gauri Kirloskar Managing Director Swarnendu Jha, Head Global Powergen and Dr.Krishna Lakshminarasiman, CTO, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited at the CPCB IV+ Genset Launch

Kirloskar Oil Engines (KOEL), a prominent name in the power generation industry, proudly unveils its latest range of CPCB IV+ compliant gensets. These cutting-edge gensets represent KOEL’s unwavering dedication to delivering high-performance, fuel-efficient, and environmentally responsible solutions that align with the stringent emission norms of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Kirloskar Oil Engine’s new gensets are a result to their commitment to sustainable power generation and environmental stewardship. Designed to cater to diverse power needs across various sectors, these gensets promise businesses and communities access to cleaner, more reliable, and superior power solutions.

What sets Kirloskar gensets apart is their remarkable ability to operate efficiently on various fuel options, including diesel, natural gas, and biogas. This flexibility empowers industries to select the most suitable fuel source based on their specific requirements, location, and fuel availability, thus contributing to a greener and more energy-diverse future.

KOEL’s pioneering spirit shines through as they were the first to introduce IoT-enabled gensets, with over 60,000 gensets successfully deployed in the field. Their data revealed a striking fact – 90% of gensets operate below the efficient load threshold for most of their running time. KOEL introduces the Optiprime genset range, built on patented hybrid technology to address this. These gensets extend the range of efficient load, resulting in significant cost savings for customers by reducing fuel and consumable consumption. The Optiprime series offers greater flexibility, lower emissions, and increased savings.

What’s genuinely transformative is that all these new gensets are IoT-enabled, revolutionizing power generation and monitoring. Through advanced connectivity and data analytics, real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and remote tracking become possible, enhancing operational efficiency and uptime. This integration of IoT technology reflects Kirloskar’s vision to lead the industry in customer-centric solutions. Customers can now enjoy unparalleled control, reliability, and visibility over their power generation assets.

KOEL takes immense pride in its “Made in India” identity, symbolising quality and innovation globally. With a heritage spanning decades, Kirloskar’s power solutions have garnered trust and recognition worldwide. These gensets, exported to various countries, contribute to global growth and development. Kirloskar’s unwavering commitment to excellence, reliability, and sustainability makes it a true ambassador of India’s engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

During the launch event, Gauri Kirloskar, Managing Director, emphasized, “Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited has been a leader in the power generation industry since its inception. Our unwavering position as a market leader in Diesel Generating sets is a testament to our journey of success.” She highlighted the Optiprime version’s potential to solidify its leadership in the market, underlining its commitment to customer-centricity.

The launch of these CPCB IV+ gensets reaffirms Kirloskar’s dedication to innovation and pushing the boundaries in power generation technology. KOEL continues to lead the charge towards cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable power solutions, setting the bar higher for the industry.


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