Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited Unveils Commissioning of Pulverised Coal Injection for Pig Iron Plant


Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited (BSE: 500245), a prominent player in the Indian castings and pig iron manufacturing sector, has announced the successful inauguration of its cutting-edge Pulverised Coal Injection (PCI) Plant. This development underscores the company’s strong commitment to adopting sustainable manufacturing practices.

R.V. Gumaste, the Managing Director of KFIL, expressed his delight at the PCI Plant’s commissioning, highlighting its strategic importance in enhancing operational efficiency and cost competitiveness. He emphasized that this investment reaffirms KFIL’s dedication to driving cost reduction initiatives while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The PCI Plant at Kirloskar Ferrous Industries (KFIL) boasts an advanced automation and control system. This system effectively integrates pulverized coal into the fuel mix for the mini blast furnaces, resulting in a significant reduction in coke consumption. This innovative approach not only leads to substantial fuel cost savings but also contributes to a lower overall production cost.

The commissioning of the PCI Plant marks a pivotal moment for KFIL, showcasing its commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices. The company’s unwavering dedication to excellence is evident in its ongoing efforts to deliver exceptional value to customers, shareholders, and the wider community.

Established in 1991, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited stands as a prominent figure in India’s industrial landscape, specializing in the production of castings and pig iron. This esteemed company serves a diverse array of industries including agriculture (specifically tractors), automotive, and diesel engines.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities strategically located in Koppal, Hiriyur, and Solapur, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited possesses a remarkable capability to manufacture a wide spectrum of products, including grey iron castings weighing up to 300 kg per piece. Moreover, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited boasts an impressive array of pig iron grades, including SG iron grade, basic steel grade, and foundry grade.

In its commitment to growth and innovation, the company is currently in the process of expanding its manufacturing capacities for pig iron and casting. Furthermore, the incorporation of 3D printing facilities has revolutionized product development, enabling swift production of new products and facilitating capacity expansions.

In addition to its primary offerings, Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Limited provides fully machined castings and has recently augmented its capabilities by establishing a coke oven manufacturing facility, complete with waste-heat recovery power systems. This strategic initiative not only enhances the company’s product portfolio but also underscores its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


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