Nepal’s Kankai Municipality Inaugurates Innovative Plastic Repurposing Facility Using India’s SPB Technology

Manish Kothari, Managing Director of Rhino Machines (Left) with Mayor Shri Rajendra Kumar Pokharel of Kankai Municipality, Nepal

Kankai Municipality in Nepal announced the inauguration of its pioneering plastic waste repurposing facility, setting a benchmark in sustainable development. This facility, using the advanced Silica Plastic Block (SPB) technology developed by Rhino Machines, was formally inaugurated on April 1, 2024, as a significant initiative within the municipality’s Solid Waste Management program.

Under the visionary leadership of Mayor Rajendra Kumar Pokharel, and the innovative prowess of Nasim Ali, who selected Rhino Machine’s SPB technology, this project stands as a vanguard solution to the escalating plastic pollution challenge. The establishment of the facility was supported by Rajendra Dhakal, a socially conscious entrepreneur committed to collaborative development projects.

In mid-2023, Nasim Ali initiated contact with Rhino Machines to confirm the efficacy of their technology, culminating in a comprehensive study by a delegation comprising mayors, deputy mayors, and entrepreneurs. The visit to AIA Engineering and Rhino’s premises displayed an operational use-case for the SPB technology, cementing the confidence to advance the project. Rhino Machines’ SPB technology, refined since 2018, benefitted from the company’s five decades of experience in machinery and project execution, underscoring the firm’s innovative drive, acknowledged by UNIDO for energy efficiency in 2015 & 2016, and aligning with the Empretec program of UNCTAD.

Manish Kothari, Managing Director of Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd and a renowned social innovator, emphasized the broad-reaching impact of the SPB technology. According to Mr Kothari, the project is poised to address up to 15 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating an exceptional contribution to climate action, resource efficiency, gender equality, economic growth, and more.


Kankai Municipality is now set to undertake various immediate actions, including community awareness programs, utilization of SPB pavers for local infrastructure, and mobilization of plastic waste collection, thereby fostering an inclusive and sustainable environment. This initiative represents more than an advancement in technology; it is a movement towards a greener, more prosperous future. With more than one visionary at the helm, Kankai Municipality’s SPB project could become a role model for other regions, unlocking the potential for widespread sustainable development and positive change.

Kankai Municipality is dedicated to innovative and sustainable solutions for waste management and urban development. By prioritizing environmental and social progress, the municipality serves as a leader in regional transformation and a catalyst for global sustainability goals.


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