Kalyani Steel Inks MoU with Odisha Government

Steel Production

Kalyani Steel has signed an MoU with the Odisha government. This highlights their shared dedication to building a cutting-edge facility for manufacturing Titanium Metal, Aerospace Components, Advanced Specialty Steel, and Automotive Components in the area.

Kalyani Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel products in India, known for its high-quality steel and innovative solutions. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence, it has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and commitment to sustainability further enhance its reputation.

The signing of the MoU, overseen by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, signifies a significant step in Odisha’s progress toward becoming a center for advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries. The partnership between Kalyani Steel and the Odisha government involves establishing an extensive manufacturing facility located in Gajamara, Dhenkanal.

A statement from the Odisha Chief Minister’s office highlighted an investment of Rs 11,750 Crores, set to stimulate economic growth and create over 10,000 jobs, thus fostering socio-economic development in the state. CM Patnaik stated that with the inclusion of Kalyani Steel’s project, comprising a Titanium Metal and Alloy Mill, an Aerospace Components Facility, and an Integrated Automotive Component Unit, Odisha is making a significant foray into the advanced and precision manufacturing sector.

He stated that the venture, which requires an investment of Rs 11,751 Crores will revolutionize the industrial landscape and create over 10,000 job opportunities in highly skill-oriented trades. CM Patnaik expressed his excitement about this transformative partnership, highlighting its strategic alignment with Odisha’s vision of promoting innovation-led growth and generating opportunities for high-skill employment.

He praised the project as a significant step that marks Odisha’s entry into advanced and precision manufacturing, establishing the state as a leader in India’s industrial sector. Additionally, the CM emphasized the project’s ability to stimulate the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), nurturing a strong network of supporting industries and OEM suppliers.

Patnaik emphasized the commencement of operations in Odisha, aiming to foster a symbiotic relationship that fosters growth and innovation. He also underscored Odisha’s steadfast dedication to skill development, emphasizing Kalyani Steel’s contribution to upskilling the local workforce in cutting-edge manufacturing fields like metal downstream, automotive, and defense manufacturing.

Amit Kalyani, the Director of Kalyani Steels Limited, reiterated the importance of mutual growth and prosperity, highlighting the company’s longstanding partnership with Odisha and its dedication to fostering innovation and progress in the area. He stated, “By commencing our operations in Odisha’s dynamic environment, we aim to establish a mutually beneficial relationship that promotes both development and innovation, while creating numerous opportunities for highly skilled employment.”

This demonstrates our firm belief in Odisha’s potential and our commitment to positively impacting its economic landscape.” The signing of the MoU was attended by Pratap Keshari Dev, the Minister of Industries, Kartik Pandian, Chairman of 5T and AONO, as well as other senior officials, underscoring the joint commitment of the government and industry stakeholders to unlocking Odisha’s potential as a preferred destination for transformative industrial ventures.


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