India Launches Joint Center with TERI

R. K. Singh, the Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy Launches Joint Center with TERI (Image credit: R. K. Singh/X)

At the 23rd World Sustainable Development Summit in New Delhi, the unveiling of a Center for Energy Transition was declared by R. K. Singh, the Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy. This initiative, a collaborative effort between the Indian government and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), marks a significant step towards advancing sustainable energy practices.

The Minister underscored the central role of the institution in discerning routes towards a sustainable energy shift and promoting innovation within the renewable energy domain. In a session titled “Energy Transitions for People, Peace, Prosperity, and our Planet” during the summit, Minister Singh stressed India’s leadership in climate action and the transition to cleaner energy.

He pointed out India’s remarkable progress, with 44% of its power generation capacity coming from non-fossil fuel sources, predominantly renewables. Singh highlighted India’s outstanding pace in energy transition, being the only nation to solicit bids for round-the-clock renewable energy and fulfilling its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) ahead of schedule.

Singh highlighted the inequality in carbon emissions, pointing out that developed countries are responsible for 77% of historical emissions, despite India’s sizable population, which contributes modestly. He urged developed nations to make room for the growth of developing countries by reducing their carbon footprint.

The Minister offered a critique of discussions surrounding emissions, stressing the significance of per capita emissions. He pressed for a comprehensive approach to tackling emissions from various sources such as coal and gas. Additionally, he underscored the importance of enhancing energy storage capabilities and fostering international collaboration in technology transfer and financing to foster sustainable development.

Singh echoed Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to sustainable development, notably through endeavors like Mission LiFE and the encouragement of eco-friendly transportation and hydrogen generation. Nonetheless, he warned against the detrimental impact of protectionist trade barriers on progress, advocating for a collective reassessment instead.

Nitin Desai, Chairperson of the TERI Governing Council, declared the inauguration of a Center in Hyderabad aimed at formulating holistic pathways for energy transition. Vibha Dhawan, Director-General of TERI, reaffirmed the institute’s dedication to sustainability and cooperative efforts in tackling climate-related issues.

The World Sustainable Development Summit 2024 facilitated dialogues and partnerships geared towards achieving sustainable development objectives. India’s endeavors, exemplified by the establishment of the Center for Energy Transition, highlight its steadfast resolve towards fostering an environmentally conscious future.


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