Affordable and Sustainable igus Carriages for Curved Rails


igus has introduced a new low-cost carriage series, the drylin econ, made from recycled high-performance plastic. This series is designed for simple tasks like adjusting and positioning, and it’s particularly budget-friendly, costing about 80% less than similar products made from milled aluminium.

The drylin econ carriages are injection-moulded using recycled high-performance plastic, making them both affordable and sustainable. They are perfect for tasks that don’t require complex machinery, like moving monitors in stores or adjusting mechanisms in vending machines. During challenging economic times, with issues like rising energy costs and disrupted supply chains, these cost-effective solutions are increasingly important.

Michael Hornung, Product Manager for drylin Linear and Drive Technology at igus, explains that the new series is a response to the need for economical options in linear guides. The carriages, typically costing €21 instead of €112, save design engineers over 80% in costs. They also reduce maintenance needs and costs, as they incorporate solid lubricants, eliminating the need for additional lubrication.

The drylin econ carriages are not only economical but also versatile. They work smoothly on both straight and curved aluminium rails, thanks to their movable bearings with spherical balls. This feature is particularly useful in public spaces like hotel lobbies, where quiet and unobtrusive operation is important.

Moreover, these carriages are a sustainable choice. igus uses iglidur ECO P regranulate, made from injection-moulding production waste, for their manufacture. This approach prevents plastic waste from being burned, supporting a more environmentally friendly circular economy.


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