HCCB Attains Carbon Neutrality in Karnataka Plant

Image Credits: HCCB

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverage Pvt Ltd (HCCB) has recently announced the carbon neutrality certification for its Bidadi plant in Karnataka, an accomplishment for Coca-Cola in India and Southwest Asia. Compliant with the international standard PAS 2060, the certification, set to be issued by DNV in May 2024, represents an important step in HCCB’s sustainability journey.

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd (HCCB), established in 1997, is one of the leading FMCG company in India. Known for manufacturing the nation’s favorite beverages, the company incorporates a diverse product portfolio across seven categories. With an active leadership team, HCCB has accomplished a loyal customer base of three million. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, the company ensures 100% recyclability of PET bottles and operates with a workforce of 6000 employees across factories equipped with effluent treatment plants.

Aligned with HCCB’s vision of achieving Net Zero by 2050 and a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its value chain by 2030, the Bidadi plant’s recognition as carbon neutral demonstrates the company’s vision to environmental responsibility. This milestone prioritizes emissions reduction across the value chain, with a focus on optimizing energy consumption and utilizing over 90% renewable energy since 2020.

To address residual emissions at the Bidadi facility, HCCB plans to invest in Gold Standard-certified carbon credits projects in India, reinforcing its dedication to carbon neutrality by 2024. Beyond emissions, the company remains steadfast in environmental stewardship through water replenishment initiatives, nature-based solutions, biodiversity enhancement, and support for regenerative agriculture in collaboration with suppliers and farmers.

In 2021, The Coca-Cola Company globally committed to a 25% absolute reduction in carbon emissions from its 2015 baseline and achieving Net Zero GHG emissions by 2050. Alok Sharma, Executive Director of Supply Chain at HCCB, emphasized the achievement, stating, “Achieving carbon neutrality in our plant is not only a major milestone for us but also sets new benchmarks for the industry. It’s a clear demonstration of our commitment to a sustainable future.”

Enrique Ackermann, Vice President of Technical Innovation & Supply Chain at Coca-Cola India & Southwest Asia, emphasized the company’s proactive stance on climate change, seeking sustainable solutions across the value chain to build climate resilience and reduce the carbon footprint. Mr Ackermann stated that the certification obtained by HCCB reflects its vision towards carbon neutrality and contributions for forging a more sustainable future.

This accomplishment by HCCB is not only a corporate success but also aligns with the Government of India’s vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070. By integrating its goals with national priorities, HCCB aims not only to adhere to governmental guidelines but also works towards actively contributing towards a collective movement toward a more sustainable future.


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