Gebrüder Weiss Enhances Mexico-U.S. Import Services with Key Laredo Location

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Gebrüder Weiss, the global logistics company, has expanded its presence in the United States by opening a new location in Laredo, Texas. This strategic move addresses the increasing trade volume between the United States and Mexico, driven by the nearshoring trend. Laredo, known for handling nearly $800 million worth of goods crossing the border daily, plays a pivotal role in this growing cross-border trade. Gebrüder Weiss offers comprehensive transport and logistics services, including customs clearance and bonded storage.

Gebrüder Weiss, a global transport and logistics company, has opened a new location in Laredo, Texas, in response to the growing trade volume between Mexico and the United States. With its strategic position near the Mexican border, the Laredo branch has become the most significant transshipment center for imports from Mexico, where nearly $800 million worth of goods is transported across the border daily.

The increasing flow of goods from Mexico to the United States is attributed to the growing trend of nearshoring, where companies transfer their manufacturing operations to nearby countries. Mexico’s appeal as a manufacturing hub has led to shorter supply chains for corporations from China, Europe, and Latin America looking to enter the US market, as well as offering US companies a more efficient alternative to overseas operations.

Mark McCullough, Country Manager of Gebrüder Weiss North America

Mark McCullough, Country Manager of Gebrüder Weiss North America, stated, “Our new team is located in Laredo directly at the intersection of two countries, both of which are major trading partners. As much as 40 percent of the trade between Mexico and the United States is handled via Laredo.”

Gebrüder Weiss has responded to this increased demand by offering cross-border and US-wide delivery services, with a logistics warehouse spanning 1,500 square meters. This facility is equipped to handle various goods, including hazardous materials, and provides services such as customs clearance and bonded storage.

The new Laredo location is strategically located just a three-hour drive from Monterrey, Mexico’s major industrial region, where US and European corporations produce electronic goods, chemical products, household appliances, textiles, steel, automotive parts, and food for global export. Additionally, a free-trade agreement has facilitated Mexico’s access to the world’s largest consumer market, further boosting the exchange of goods with the United States.

Gebrüder Weiss has been expanding its presence in the United States since 2017, with a total of ten locations that offer comprehensive transport and logistics services. This network spans Chicago, the company’s head office, along with Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, El Paso, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and now Laredo, Texas.

About Gebrüder Weiss

Gebrüder Weiss Holding AG, headquartered in Lauterach, Austria, is a global logistics provider with approximately 8,400 employees and 180 company-owned locations. In 2022, the company reported annual sales of €3 billion, offering a wide range of transport and logistics solutions, digital services, and supply chain management. Combining digital and physical capabilities allows Gebrüder Weiss to respond swiftly to customer needs, and the company has a long history of environmental, economic, and social initiatives, making it a pioneer in sustainable business practices.


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