Gateway to Italian Technology: ITC Concludes its Annual Conference in Pune


The Italian Technology Centre (ITC) India, in collaboration with esteemed Italian manufacturing associations UCIMU, AMAPLAST, and ACIGMA, recently celebrated the successful conclusion of its annual conference at Sayaji Hotel, Pune. ITC in India, led by Sandeep Chadha, marks a significant milestone in fostering Italian-Indian collaboration in the manufacturing sector.

Consulate General of Italian Consulate in Mumbai Alessandro de Masi

As the curtains close on the Italian Technology Centre India’s annual conference in Pune, it’s time to reflect on the extraordinary accomplishments and the vibrant exchange of ideas that characterized this significant event. Hosted at the Sayaji Hotel, the conference brought together the crème de la crème of the manufacturing world, both from Italy and India, creating a fertile ground for collaboration and innovation.

The conference was graced by the presence of distinguished speakers, including Barbara Colombo, President of ITC India and UCIMU, who delivered the opening remarks, and the Consul General of the Italian Consulate in Mumbai, Alessandro de Masi who presented the keynote address. The event also featured insightful updates on the Indian machine tool sector and its focus on sustainability, presented by Satish Kumar, Senior Advisor at IMTMA – Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association.

In his keynote Consulate General Alessandro de Masi highlighted the significant contributions of Italian companies to the city’s economic landscape. “It’s impressive to note that these enterprises have not only invested in the region but also created employment opportunities for over 16,000 Indians, with many more benefiting indirectly. This robust engagement exemplifies the deep trust and confidence the Italian business community have in India’s potential. Our commitment and investment in Pune are a clear indication of our support for the ‘Make in India’ initiative, and we believe this collaboration will continue to strengthen and yield mutual benefits for both India and Italy”, shared Mr de Masi.

Showcase of Italian Excellence in Manufacturing

A highlight of the conference was the presentations by six leading Italian machine tools enterprises, showcasing the strength and innovation of Italian manufacturing. Presenters included Vinayak Joshi from BLM GROUP, Diego Mancini from BUFFOLI TRANSFER S.p.A, Barbara Colombo and Manickaraj Marannan from FICEP S.p.A., Antonio Lorenzon from LORENZON Srl, Vrushal Phadnis from LOSMA S.p.A., and Veronica Just from MILLUTENSIL Srl. These presentations underscored the versatility and technological prowess of Italian companies in the manufacturing sector.

Barabara Colombo, President of ITC, and President of UCIMU

The Italian Technology Centre India embodies the collaborative spirit and shared objectives of promoting Italian technology and supporting the internationalization of Italian companies in India. The conference, with its seminars, workshops, B2B meetings, and networking opportunities, served as a platform for increasing the visibility of Italian companies and facilitating strategic partnerships.

Concluding the event, Barbara Colombo expressed gratitude to all participants and looked forward to future collaborations that will further strengthen the Make in India initiative and bilateral ties. The event concluded with a networking dinner, providing an opportunity for one-to-one interactions between Italian and Indian companies.


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