EverEnviro and Bajaj Sugar Forge a Green Partnership for CBG Plants


Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Limited (Bajaj Sugar) and EverEnviro Private Limited have joined forces to develop compressed biogas (CBG) facilities in Uttar Pradesh. With 14 sugar mills, Bajaj Sugar generates approximately 500,000 metric tonnes of press mud annually, owing to its significant operational capabilities.

EverEnviro is a leading environmental services company dedicated to providing innovative solutions for waste management, recycling, and sustainability. With a focus on reducing environmental impact and promoting a greener future, EverEnviro offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of businesses, communities, and industries.

Bajaj Sugar is a renowned name in the sugar industry, known for its commitment to quality and excellence. With a legacy spanning over decades, Bajaj Sugar has become synonymous with purity and taste. The company operates state-of-the-art sugar mills and refineries, producing a wide range of sugar products that are trusted by consumers across the country.

This excess press mud could potentially support the establishment of CBG plants capable of producing 70 metric tonnes per day. Bajaj Sugar, a prominent global firm and the largest owner of crushing capacity in Asia, aims to assist the Indian government in reducing the country’s reliance on fossil fuels by supporting the production of environmentally friendly CBG. Kushagra Bajaj, the Chairman of the Bajaj Group, emphasized the company’s ninety-year legacy of contributing to the nation’s development.

Recognizing the government’s backing for CBG plant construction, Bajaj Sugar plans to utilize press mud, a key by-product, to generate green energy. EverEnviro, the leading CBG company in India, brings its expertise to the table for the development, operation, and expansion of CBG projects in Uttar Pradesh. This partnership is poised to significantly enhance CBG production capacity by leveraging press mud from Bajaj Hindusthan’s sugar mills.

Mahesh Girdhar, the Managing Director and CEO of EverEnviro Resource Management Pvt Ltd, highlighted the partnership’s significant achievement. He stressed that the collaboration would enhance soil health and promote regenerative agriculture in the region by producing fermented organic manure alongside increasing CBG output.

This initiative aligns with the national objective of advancing environmental sustainability and reducing dependency on fossil fuels. Under the bilateral agreement, Bajaj Sugar has the choice to acquire a stake in the CBG plant project or sell press mud at fixed long-term prices. The company plans to adopt a hybrid approach, adding value to press mud through a combination of fixed capital and equity in the CBG project, drawing on its operational expertise in Uttar Pradesh.


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