SPE Industrial Partner Network Crowns Innovators in Single Pair Ethernet Design Contest


In March 2023, the SPE Industrial Partner Network, alongside industry giants like the HARTING Technology Group, Würth Elektronik eiSos, Sparkfun, Analog Devices, and Digi-Key, launched the Single Pair Ethernet Design Contest. Aimed at fostering innovative pilot projects using Single Pair Ethernet technology, the contest garnered immense interest with over 70 submissions, reflecting a growing enthusiasm in cutting-edge technology applications.

The competition highlighted three categories: Best Industrial Application, Most Sustainable Application (Environmental), and Maker Scene. The contest culminated in an exciting live award ceremony at SPS 2023, where the most innovative and impactful solutions were recognised.

In the Best Industrial Application category, BELDEN DEUTSCHLAND GMBH emerged victorious with their IO-Link to SPE 10BASE-T1L Gateway project. This groundbreaking solution demonstrated a Mini IO-Link Master integrated into a Single Pair Ethernet network, showcasing a practical approach to incorporating standard I/O and IO-Link signals.

The Most Sustainable Application (Environmental) award was clinched by Magnetic Communication Corp. for their pioneering control system for farming. Utilizing the power of SPE for long-distance data transmission and energy efficiency, this system represents a significant advancement in agricultural technology and environmental conservation.

The Maker Scene category, focusing on the technical potential of SPE outside industrial applications, saw three winners: Scott Rapson from Australia with a deep-sea sensor node project, MD. Khairul Alam from Bangladesh with an innovative control system for drinking water tanks, and Julian Blanco from the United States with an acoustic monitoring buoy. These projects exemplify the versatile applications of SPE technology across diverse fields.

The winners were honored at the annual press conference of the SPE Industrial Partner Netzwerk e.V., receiving prizes and certificates. This event not only highlighted individual creativity but also underscored the collaborative spirit driving technological advancements in the industry.


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