EMAG India Launches New Spare Parts Warehouse in Bengaluru


EMAG India, a subsidiary of the global manufacturing solutions provider EMAG Group, celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of its new spare parts warehouse at their Bengaluru headquarters. This strategic development marks a crucial step in enhancing EMAG’s commitment to operational efficiency and customer service in the Indian manufacturing sector.

EMAG India inaugurates a new spare parts warehouse in Bengaluru, significantly enhancing service efficiency and operational readiness for over 550 EMAG machines across India by reducing spare parts lead time from 5-10 days to just 2 days. EMAG Group, recognized for providing manufacturing solutions for nearly every application, has established a strong presence in the global market. With its diverse range of machine tools and manufacturing systems, EMAG has been instrumental in catering to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors​​.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by key figures from EMAG‘s German and Indian teams, along with guests from Nexteer, highlighted the company’s dedication to supporting the Indian manufacturing industry’s evolving needs. Gururaj Patil, Managing Director of EMAG India, emphasized the significance of the new warehouse in his address. “With over 550 EMAG machines operating across India, some of which were made as early as 1960, the demand for efficient spare parts availability was paramount. This new facility will reduce the lead time for spare parts from 5-10 days to just 2 days, significantly enhancing our service capabilities,” said Patil.

Patrick Thiess, Head of After Sales at EMAG Group, during his maiden visit to India, noted the readiness of Indian companies to adopt the latest technologies. He highlighted EMAG’s customer-centric approach, stating, “At EMAG, the journey with our customers extends beyond the initial sale. Our service engineers are key in securing the second machine purchase, demonstrating our commitment to customer performance and satisfaction.”


The new warehouse is set to have a profound impact on EMAG’s operations in India. The reduction in lead times for spare parts will not only improve machine uptime and reliability for EMAG’s clients but also strengthen the company’s position as a responsive and reliable partner in the Indian manufacturing industry. This move is particularly significant given the increasing focus on manufacturing efficiency and the growing adoption of advanced machinery in India’s industrial sector.

EMAG’s investment in the Bengaluru warehouse reflects a strategic response to the needs of the Indian market, where quick and reliable service is crucial for maintaining high production standards. This development is poised to bolster EMAG India’s reputation as a leader in providing comprehensive manufacturing solutions, reinforcing the company’s global philosophy of combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer service.

The inauguration of the spare parts warehouse in Bengaluru is more than just an expansion of EMAG’s physical footprint in India. It shows the company’s foresight in recognizing and addressing the critical needs of their customers, investing in the pain areas, and to bring consistent productivity for the industry.


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