Ecoclean Showcases Versatile and Sustainable Cleaning Solutions at parts2clean 2023

The UCMSmartLine, shown here with connection to a clean room, represents the solutions for applications in high-purity cleaning consisting of standardized modules for the various process steps and a flexible transport system.

As parts cleaning takes center stage in modern manufacturing processes, Ecoclean, a leading provider of industrial part cleaning and surface treatment solutions, is set to present their latest innovative offerings at parts2clean in Stuttgart from 26 to 28 September. With a product portfolio meticulously tailored to address the diverse cleaning applications and requirements across various industry sectors, Ecoclean aims to showcase efficient and sustainable solutions for present and future cleaning challenges.

The landscape of cleaning applications and cleanliness standards has evolved significantly in recent years. High-technology industries such as semiconductors, medical, sensors and analytics, and precision optical now demand efficient removal of ultrafine particulate contaminants in the submicron range, along with residual film-type contamination, some of which are nanoscale-thin. In contrast, general industries encompassing multiple sectors have the primary need for removing large amounts of chips and machining fluids. Between these extremes lies a multitude of cleaning tasks, each with unique cleanliness specifications dictated by specific products and sectors.

Ecoclean offers standard and special chamber systems for diverse industrial cleaning applications.

At parts2clean, Ecoclean, in partnership with UCM, will present a comprehensive range of products and services (hall 10, booth C38) to meet the stringent cleanliness requirements in a reliable, efficient, and resource-saving manner. Among the highlights is the “High Purity Lane,” which will feature a live demonstration of the UCMSmartLine. This exhibit will showcase the possibilities of integrating standardized modules for wash, rinse, dry, load, and unload processes with flexible part transport systems to achieve the highest cleanliness standards. Advanced process technologies like PPC (Pulsated Pressure Cleaning) will also be demonstrated to emphasize their contribution to impeccable cleaning results. Additionally, visitors can explore the manufacturer’s High Purity Test Center, inaugurated in 2022, and gain insights into various application examples.

For components made from diverse materials used in general industry, Ecoclean will present chamber-type systems of standard and bespoke designs for aqueous and solvent-based cleaning, as well as multi-chamber immersion cleaning systems. The EcoCwave machine, showcased live on the booth, will provide attendees with a hands-on demonstration of its diverse features and process options for pre-cleaning, intermediate cleaning, final cleaning, and precision cleaning tasks.

Recognizing the growing importance of digitization and virtual experiences, Ecoclean will unveil its new virtual showroom at parts2clean. This three-dimensional environment combined with virtual reality allows visitors to explore nearly every company site and examine cleaning equipment and systems in minute detail using a VR headset. Additionally, the virtual world seamlessly connects to reality, enabling customers to attend live cleaning trials from anywhere in the world and access additional information with ease. This cutting-edge communication platform ensures that users feel physically present and engaged in the process.

The virtual showroom offers an immersive 3D exploration of exhibited systems.

Alongside their focus on innovative solutions, the Ecoclean team at the booth will provide valuable insights into forward-looking service concepts, automation, digitization solutions, training opportunities, and possibilities for achieving energy and resource savings in cleaning processes.

Ecoclean’s presence at parts2clean 2023 (hall 10, booth C38) promises to showcase the latest advancements in sustainable and efficient cleaning solutions, empowering manufacturers across various industries to achieve impeccable product quality and environmental sustainability.

The SBS Ecoclean Group is a global leader in developing, producing, and marketing cutting-edge machinery, systems, and services for industrial part cleaning and surface treatment applications. With a diverse customer base spanning from the automotive and supplier industry to medical, micro and precision engineering, mechanical engineering, optical industry, power engineering, and aviation, Ecoclean’s innovative solutions help companies manufacture products efficiently and sustainably in high quality. The Group operates in nine countries with twelve locations and employs over 900 skilled professionals.


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