Earth Care Equipments Establishes First North American Location in Seattle

This move comes in response to Washington State's recent green initiatives which mandates the diversion of organic materials from landfills

Earth Care Equipments Private Limited, a leading manufacturer of Organic Waste Converters based in India, is set to make its mark on North American soil with the establishment of its first location in Seattle. This move comes in response to Washington State’s recent green initiatives, including the passage of House Bill 1799, which mandates the diversion of organic materials from landfills.

Mrunaal Patil, Director of Earth Care Equipments Private Limited, emphasized the meticulous selection process that led to the choice of Seattle as their next strategic location. “We sought a region that not only thrives economically but also deeply values environmental consciousness and sustainability. After an exhaustive evaluation of various cities and regions in the Americas, we are confident that Greater Seattle offers the best conditions for our expansion. We extend our gratitude to Crescendo Worldwide and Greater Seattle Partners for their invaluable assistance in this endeavor.”

Earth Care’s plans for its presence in Greater Seattle are ambitious. The company intends to establish local teams trained as green-tech specialists who will spearhead operations and maintenance. The company also envisions setting up multiple pilot locations, forging partnerships with waste management companies to redirect collected waste from landfills, thus curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Josh Davis, Vice President of Global Trade and Investment at Greater Seattle Partners, highlighted the region’s robust commitment to combating climate change through innovative partnerships and advancements in clean technology. He stated, “Earth Care’s pioneering environmental solutions align perfectly with our mission to enhance waste management, reduce organic waste sent to landfills, and create a more sustainable future.”

Mrunaal Patil, Director of Earth Care Equipments Private Limited

Earth Care’s expansion coincides with India’s announcement of a new consulate in Seattle, underscoring the city’s role as a hub for Indian immigrants and businesses. This expansion also stems from the SelectUSA Spinoff event held in April 2023, resulting in the third international company to expand its operations in the Greater Seattle region.

About Earth Care Equipments Private Limited, the company specializes in comprehensive solutions for composting wet food waste, ranging from 25kgs to 25 metric tons per day, utilizing fully automatic Organic Waste Converters. In addition to its composting technology and fertilizers, the company offers design and construction of containerized biogas plants. Earth Care’s commitment extends beyond product delivery, as it provides after-sales service, maintenance contracts, and support for food waste processing.

Greater Seattle Partners (GSP), a public-private partnership, facilitates economic development through global business attraction and investment opportunities in the Greater Seattle region. Collaborating with various partners, GSP strives to ensure prosperity for all residents. The organization’s efforts spotlight the region’s talent, innovation, diverse communities, and quality of life.

Earth Care Equipments’ establishment in Seattle heralds a new era in organic waste management, showcasing the company’s dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


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