DMG MORI Expands Munich Site into European Headquarters


DMG MORI, a world-renowned manufacturer of machine tools, announces the establishment of its European headquarters and technology center in Munich. Set to commence operations from 2026, the company will occupy a cutting-edge 10,000 square meter facility in close proximity to the Olympic Park.

DMG MORI is spearheading process integration initiatives rooted in technology amalgamation, automation, and digitization to enhance sustainability. Within the framework of its “Global One Company,” over 13,000 dedicated employees collaborate synergistically to serve as a holistic solution provider for clientele. Operating across 43 countries worldwide, DMG MORI positions its high-precision machine tools and eco-friendly technologies at the forefront of international value chains.

The company’s repertoire extends beyond traditional turning and milling machines, encompassing Advanced Technologies and Additive Manufacturing, bolstered by integrated automation and end-to-end digitization solutions. Focused on key sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Die & Mold, Medical, and Semiconductor industries, DMG MORI showcases technological prowess and expertise.

Under the umbrella of the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) partner program, the company offers peripheral products sourced from a single point of contact. Customer-centric services span the entire lifespan of machine tools, comprising training, repair, maintenance, and spare parts provision. Empowering customers with digital accessibility, the DMG MORI online portal facilitates direct interaction with service experts and streamlines service-related processes.

This expansion will likely bring more opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and growth within the manufacturing industry. It’ll provide a central hub for their operations in Europe, allowing them to better serve their customers and partners.

The new facility will house offices accommodating up to 300 workstations, catering to various administrative, sales, service, and engineering functions of the company group, which boasts Japanese-German heritage. Currently, approximately one-third of the company’s 13,000 global workforce is based in Germany, further highlighting the nation’s significance within the organization’s operations.DMG Mori expanding their Munich site into the European headquarters is a big step forward.

In a statement, Masahiko Mori, President of DMG MORI, announced Munich as the chosen site for the company’s European headquarters. Citing reasons such as its central European location, top-notch infrastructure, and skilled workforce, Mori emphasized the strategic significance of the decision.

Highlighting the proximity to their largest European production plant in Pfronten, situated just a two-hour drive away, he underlined the logistical advantages. The company’s commitment to Munich resonates deeply with its historical ties, as the “D” in DMG MORI harks back to Friedrich Deckel, a renowned figure in precision machine tools in Munich until the 1990s.He played a significant role in advancing manufacturing technology. Friedrich Deckel’s legacy continues to influence the field of machine tooling even today.

Speaking on this development, Irene Bader, Member of the Board at DMG MORI, emphasized Munich’s stature as an economic and technological hub. She expressed enthusiasm for returning to the company’s roots while shaping its future. Sustainability and innovation take center stage with the announcement of the new headquarters forming part of the Go Four IT business quarter, set to commence construction in spring 2024. Situated in close proximity to the Olympia shopping center on Hanauer Strasse, the location boasts excellent public transport links.

DMG MORI has solidified its commitment to Munich and the Moosach district with a 20-year lease for the six-story building, which will offer modern office spaces, a dedicated restaurant, and green roof areas. The development project is led by RH Unternehmensgruppe, renowned for commercial project development, in collaboration with investment specialist Competo Capital Partners.

Robert Hübner, Managing Partner of the RH Group, spoke about the relationship and emphasized the shared aim for creative and ecological design. He conveyed his happiness with DMG MORI’s tenancy, highlighting the congruence of their progressive outlook on the work environment.


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