Celebrating 130 Years of Excellence: The HELLER Legacy


HELLER, a renowned name in the mechanical engineering sector, celebrated its 130th anniversary on February 7, 2024, tracing its roots back to Hermann Heller’s establishment of a trading and manufacturing company for patented products and watchmaking tools in Nürtingen. This milestone marks a significant journey from its humble beginnings to becoming a global group of companies with a workforce exceeding 2,600 individuals.

Founded in 1894, the company initially focused on selling tools of various kinds, before expanding into the mechanical engineering field in 1898 by making cold circular saws for metal cutting, as well as blade skiving and thread cutting machines. The involvement of Hermann’s brother, Ernst, in 1900 marked the establishment of ‘Gebr. Heller Werkzeug- und Maschinenfabrik’ in Nürtingen, solidifying the company’s presence in the industry.

The 1960s witnessed a significant transition with Hubert and Berndt Heller assuming leadership roles, driving the company towards international success. Despite facing challenges amid economic fluctuations and increased competition, the company’s determination to innovation, demonstrated by the development of modular machining centers and Flexible System Transferlines (FST) in the 1990s, steered it through crises, strengthening its position in the market.

Berndt Heller, reflecting on the company’s journey, acknowledges the indispensable contribution of its employees, attributing their dedication as vital in overcoming challenges throughout the company’s 130-year history. This sentiment is echoed by the current management, as highlighted by Thorsten Schmidt, the CEO, who expresses gratitude towards the team for their firm commitment, ensuring the company’s lasting success.

Maintaining its legacy as a family-run business rooted in tradition, the Company continues under the guidance of Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, Andreas Müßigmann, Dieter Drechsler, and Peter Weber. With the Heller family holding full ownership since 2016 and Berndt Heller’s children, Nicole Pfleiderer and Marc Heller, taking on roles as shareholders, the company remains resolute in its commitment to providing cutting-edge CNC machine tools and manufacturing systems worldwide.

Today, HELLER stands as a testament to resilience and innovation, offering a wide range of products for various metal-cutting needs. With production facilities across Europe, Asia, North, and South America, along with a strong network of sales and service branches, it keeps redefining excellence in mechanical engineering, set for more success ahead.


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