Bosch opens Smart & Climate Neutral facility at Bidadi 2nd Phase


Bosch India opened its Phase 2 facility in Bidadi, Karnataka, not far from the state capital of Bangalore. Riding on an investment of around Rs.240 Crore, the factory is equipped with carbon-neutral technology and the latest in Industry 4.0 solutions. Operating in India since 1951, this is the 18th manufacturing site set up by Bosch in the country.

The facility in Bidadi will be completely climate-neutral. It adheres to the Carbon Neutral- 2020 scheme, using such strategies as energy analytics, tree-planting, alternative fuels such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and a solar power capacity of up to 8.7 megawatts. In fact, solar energy will supply 30% of the resources required to run the plant. Additionally, the plant has an integrated system continuous improvement process technology which aims to utilize waste-free processes. This will enable Bosch to maintain its quality standards, and at the same time remain viable in the market.

Bosch expects the new plant to act as a centre for creating power-train solutions and making automobile parts. Already more than 2000 of its people and 760 machineries and equipment are shifted to the new plant, and is estimated that by the end of this year, the Bidadi plant will reach 2,500 of its associates (workforce).


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