Birla Carbon Marks 65 Years of Operation at Its Cubatão Facility in Brazil

John Loudermilk, CEO of Birla Carbon

This November, Birla Carbon commemorates the 65th anniversary of its Cubatão Facility. Nestled within São Paulo’s boundaries, a mere 12 kilometers from the coastal city of Santos, this facility has been instrumental in fortifying Birla Carbon’s standing as a vital contributor to the carbon black sector within the South American sphere. Throughout these 65 years, the facility has unwaveringly showcased its devotion to operational prowess, eco-friendly practices, and active community involvement.

Originating operations in 1958, the Cubatão facility’s main goal is to cater to the carbon black demands for both local and broader regional applications in sectors such as tires, MRG, plastics, coatings, inks, and specialized industries. The facility meets its energy needs via an on-site Cogeneration facility, which not only serves internal purposes but also supplies electricity to the surrounding grid.

On the occasion of the facility’s 65th year, Birla Carbon‘s President and CEO, John Loudermilk, expressed, “It’s with great honor that we celebrate this significant landmark of 65 years in Brazil. The Cubatão facility has been the cornerstone in addressing the needs of the South American demographic for over six decades, maintaining strong bonds with virtually every client in the vicinity. It stands as a symbol of our pledge to excellence, marking our initial venture into the region’s carbon black industry and has maintained a high standard of operation.” He added, “Its growth through the years via capacity increases, technological advancements, and an unwavering commitment to innovation and operational superiority underscores our core mission – to ‘Share the Strength’.”

Presently, the Cubatão facility is lauded as one of Birla Carbon’s most secure and environmentally progressive establishments, reflecting its allegiance to continual advancement and ecological stewardship. For 65 years, the facility has dedicated itself to sustainable practices and community outreach, participating actively in volunteer efforts that enrich society and bolster its workforce. It has spearheaded initiatives leading to diminished water usage, heightened energy efficiency, and enhanced product performance, all while placing the utmost importance on the safety and welfare of its staff, contractors, and vendors.

In its quest to fulfill its social responsibilities, the facility remains steadfast in its support of educational initiatives for youth and healthcare services for women. Since 2015, employees have been engaging with secondary school students, underscoring the importance of technology and the chemical sector in these educational ventures. The Cubatão Birla Carbon plant is a proud associate of both the ABIQUIM (Brazilian Chemical Industry Association) and the CIESP (Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo), and is accredited under ISO 14001 / ISO 45001 / IATF 16949 standards.


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