Bentley Systems and Enactus Brazil Announce 2023 iTwin4Good Challenge Winner


Bentley Systems a leading infrastructure engineering software company, in partnership with Enactus Brazil, an international nonprofit organization, has announced the winner of the 2023 iTwin4Good Challenge. The competition, which merges software development and social action, was won by team “All In” from the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo Vitória. Their project, the AI Blood Donation Room Monitoring App, leverages digital twin technology to address community issues.

The app developed by “All In,” consisting of students Lucas Pessanha, Deivid Braian, and Luiz Felipe Muniz, uses smart cameras and AI to monitor occupancy in blood donation rooms, assess product demands, and manage stock levels. Integrated with an external API, it provides real-time data on blood type demands, enhancing donor prioritization based on immediate needs.

During the competition, the team demonstrated the app’s ability to track and display real-time changes in room occupancy and adapt the queue order according to the specific blood types required. This project exemplifies the use of Bentley’s iTwin Platform, aimed at addressing UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The iTwin4Good Challenge, a collaborative effort between Enactus and Bentley Systems, saw participation from 36 universities across Brazil. The challenge encourages students to creatively solve sustainability issues using Bentley’s infrastructure digital twin technology.

Bentley Systems and Enactus will host the iTwin World Cup in April 2024 at the Enactus National Expo in London, where “All In” will compete against the winner of the Enactus U.K. iTwin4Good Challenge. Chris Bradshaw, Chief Sustainability Officer at Bentley Systems, commended the All In team and expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming iTwin World Cup, highlighting the impact of these projects on society and infrastructure engineering.


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