Ashok Leyland Laid the Foundation Stone for the Lucknow EV Plant

Foundation Stone Laid for the Lucknow Ashok Leyland EV Plant (Image Credit: Ashok Leyland/LinkedIn)

Ashok Leyland, the flagship company of the Hinduja Group, held a ceremony for a new integrated commercial vehicle plant in Lucknow, with a focus on green mobility. The company has stated its intention to invest approximately Rs 1,000 crore in this facility over the coming years.

Ashok Leyland is a renowned Indian automotive manufacturer specializing in commercial vehicles and related components. Established in 1948, its product range includes electric trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, and defense vehicles, catering to a wide range of customers both in India and globally.

Ashok Leyland announced that its new greenfield manufacturing facility, spanning 70 acres, will be the company’s most advanced and environmentally friendly factory globally. The facility will primarily focus on producing electric buses while also being capable of manufacturing other vehicles powered by alternative fuels.

Upon commencement, the plant will have an initial production capacity of 2,500 vehicles per year. Ashok Leyland aims to increase this capacity to 5,000 vehicles annually over the next ten years, in anticipation of the rising demand for electric and alternative fuel vehicles in the future. This new facility will mark Ashok Leyland’s seventh vehicle plant in the country.

Dheeraj Hinduja, the executive chairman of Ashok Leyland, affirmed the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and establishing fresh standards in the realm of eco-friendly transportation. This new facility represents a strategic move towards our goal of achieving net zero emissions, positioning us for the future.

Shenu Agarwal, the Managing Director and CEO of Ashok Leyland, emphasized the significance of their new facility by stating, “In addition to meeting the growing need for electric vehicles, this plant will contribute significantly to the overall development of the region.”

He added, “Our commitment to electric trucks and buses aligns with the changing dynamics of sustainable transportation.” Ashok Leyland is poised to be a key player in Uttar Pradesh’s electric mobility sector, especially given that the state boasts the highest number of registered EVs in India.


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