aluplast India Unveils New PRIMA SLIDE & IDEAL 1000 Products focussing local market

Babak Golriz and Ravi Balakrishnan with Prima Slide and Ideal 1000 samples at the Zak Expo 2023

aluplast India, the 100% subsidiary of the aluplast group based in Karlsruhe, Germany has proudly announced the launch of their innovative products, PRIMA SLIDE and IDEAL 1000. The unveiling occurred at the 19th Zak Doors & Windows Expo 2023 in Mumbai, a key event in the industry calendar. Babak Golriz, Managing Director of the aluplast group, and Ravi Balakrishnan, Managing Director of aluplast India, were present to showcase these groundbreaking products.

aluplast, a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced window and door solutions, continues to set industry benchmarks with its commitment to providing localized, customer-centric products. With a presence spanning across continents, aluplast prides itself on its ability to understand and adapt to diverse market needs, a philosophy that is at the core of its operations. The recent launch of PRIMA SLIDE and IDEAL 1000 in India, unveiled at the Zak Doors & Windows Expo 2023, is a shining example of this approach.

Ravi Balakrishnan, Managing Director of aluplast India shared insights into the company’s approach, aligning with the vision of the founder Manfred J Seitz, “From the very beginning, our founder envisioned establishing our business globally, and we have been a part of the Indian market for many decades. Understanding local customer needs is crucial, and our new products, PRIMA SLIDE and IDEAL 1000, are specifically designed for the Indian market,” he explained in an exclusive conversation with Machine Maker.

Babak Golriz unveiling Prima Slide at ZAK Expo

PRIMA SLIDE and IDEAL 1000: Features and Benefits

The PRIMA SLIDE, with a 54 mm construction depth, is suitable for both windows and doors. It offers options of 2 and 3 tracks with additional track choices and can accommodate glazing up to 11mm thickness, demonstrating good resistance to wind load. The IDEAL 1000, also featuring a 54 mm construction depth, is a 3-chamber profile system, ideal for outward open windows, and can accommodate glass up to 24mm thickness. Both products are designed to be compatible with existing glazing beads and are tailored for Mivan construction technology with lower sill widths.

aluplast‘s “Made-in-India” and “Made-for-India” uPVC windows and doors showcase their dedication and trust towards the Indian market. Known for their durability, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency, these products are engineered to withstand India’s diverse climatic conditions, offering long-lasting performance. Since establishing its manufacturing plant in Vadodara, Gujarat, in 2016, aluplast has been committed to delivering quality and style to Indian homes and buildings.

Despite its international reach, aluplast remains a family-run business, now in its second generation. It is characterized by flat hierarchies and quick decision-making, attributes that have been pivotal in its success. The Seitz family’s leadership has seen aluplast transform into a leading company in the industry, balancing innovation with a deep connection to regional roots.


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