Allcargo Terminals Unveils Enhanced myCFS 2.0 


Allcargo Terminals Limited, a prominent player in India’s CFS networks and a part of the globally renowned logistics conglomerate Allcargo Group, recently introduced myCFS 2.0, an upgraded iteration of its digital portal and mobile application. Dedicated to harnessing digital technology for customer convenience, the enhanced portal offers a comprehensive suite of 18 advanced features, enabling seamless, contactless, and paperless interactions from various locations, including homes, offices, or while on the move.

Since its introduction in April 2023, the myCFS portal and app have transformed CFS services, digitizing 67% of customer interactions and streamlining 67% of cargo clearance processes. The latest version enhances user experience with features such as precise container nomination, real-time status updates, and online document uploads for customs procedures, import de-stuffing, and export carting, thereby accelerating clearance processes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Suresh Kumar R, serving as the Managing Director of Allcargo Terminals Limited, emphasized the strategic development of a digital platform, aligning with the industry’s increasing reliance on advanced tools and technology. He articulated that the introduction of myCFS was aimed at optimizing business workflows and enabling smooth cargo transportation processes, thereby reducing waiting times for Customs House Agents (CHAs) at Container Freight Stations (CFS).

Furthermore, he underscored that this initiative would contribute to the government’s drive for improving the business environment. To ensure the effective utilization of this digital platform, the company is conducting comprehensive training programs for CHAs at CFS. This initiative aims to leverage digital solutions for simplifying CFS operations, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness for customers.

Allcargo Terminals is a leading provider of integrated logistics solutions, specializing in cargo handling, warehousing, and transportation services. With a global presence spanning over 160 countries, Allcargo Terminals is known for its reliable and efficient services that cater to a wide range of industries, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, retail, and more.

The company’s state-of-the-art terminals and warehouses are strategically located to ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Allcargo Terminals prides itself on its commitment to innovation and sustainability, constantly striving to improve its operations and reduce its environmental impact. With a team of experienced professionals and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Allcargo Terminals is a trusted partner for companies looking to streamline their logistics operations and improve their supply chain efficiency.


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