Aequs Wins Significant Airbus Contract: Elevates India’s Aerospace Prowess

Nils Witt, CPO, Airbus Aerostructures & Mohamed Bouzidi, President, Aerospace, Aequs, exchange the contract after the signing event witnessed by senior leadership of both companies at Belagavi

Aequs has secured a landmark contract from Airbus, the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, in a significant boost to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Under this decade-long agreement, Aequs will produce critical components for Airbus’ single-aisle aircraft family, including the A320, A330neo, and A350. This contract cements Aequs’s role as a crucial player in the aerospace sector and reinforces India’s position as a global hub for aerospace manufacturing.

Aequs Private Limited, a prominent aerospace components manufacturer in India, has recently signed a significant contract with Airbus, the leading aircraft manufacturer, to supply critical components for its A320, A330neo, and A350 aircraft families. This long-term agreement, set to last over a decade, is a milestone for Aequs and the Indian aerospace industry, highlighting India’s growing role as a key player in global aerospace manufacturing.

Aravind Melligeri

The contract, which involves producing detailed parts and assemblies for wings, fuselage, and pylons, was finalized recently in Belagavi by senior executives from both Airbus and Aequs. This deal elevates Aequs to the status of a strategic partner for Airbus, reflecting the trust placed in its ability to deliver high-quality aerospace components.

Aravind Melligeri, Chairman & CEO of Aequs, expressed pride in this partnership and acknowledged it as a testament to Aequs’ reliability, especially during a time of global supply chain recalibration. The contract stems from Aequs’ robust aerospace ecosystem and its proven supply chain resilience.

Aequs, which serves several global aerospace companies, has been a key supplier to Airbus for over a decade, establishing itself as a preferred Detailed Parts Partner (D2P). Airbus, recognizing Aequs’ ambition to create a world-class aerospace ecosystem in India, awarded Aequs the Airbus Innovation Award in 2016 and more recently, the Airbus Operational Excellence Award and the D2P CHALLENGER Award, further solidifying their partnership.


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