AEEE and EMC Kerala Join Forces for Sustainable Practices

AEEE and EMC Kerala Join Forces for Sustainable Practices (Image Credit: Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE)/LinkedIn)

During the inaugural International Energy Festival of Kerala (IEFK) at Tagore Theatre, held from February 7th to 9th, 2024, an exchange of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) took place, marking the formalization of collaboration between the AEEE and EMC Kerala.

The Agency for Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency (AEEE) is a government organization dedicated to promoting sustainable energy practices and enhancing energy efficiency in India. It works to facilitate the adoption of renewable energy technologies and implement energy conservation measures across various sectors. Through policy advocacy, capacity building, and research initiatives, AEEE strives to accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon economy and mitigate climate change impacts.

Meanwhile, EMC Kerala (Electronics Manufacturing Cluster Kerala) is an initiative aimed at fostering the growth of the electronics manufacturing industry in the state of Kerala, India. It provides infrastructure, support services, and incentives to attract investment and facilitate the establishment of electronics manufacturing units. With a focus on innovation and technology, EMC Kerala aims to boost local manufacturing capabilities, create employment opportunities, and contribute to the economic development of the region.

In a significant development, AEEE, one of the renowned nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing energy efficiency, and EMC Kerala, the authorized agency for energy conservation in the state, have joined forces to promote energy efficiency across Kerala. The partnership was cemented through the exchange of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on February 8, 2024, during the inaugural International Energy Festival of Kerala (IEFK) at Tagore Theatre.

As a key component of this alliance, AEEE conducted a workshop at IEFK entitled “Driving Energy Efficiency in states via the ESCO approach.” The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishes a collaborative framework between AEEE and EMC Kerala, aimed at enhancing and fortifying the endeavors of EMC Kerala through knowledge exchange, joint policy implementation, capacity enhancement, and resource mobilization.

Both organizations commit to working in tandem to accelerate the adoption of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions, particularly in areas such as EE Finance, MSMEs, Demand Flexibility, ESCOs, and the formulation of state energy policies. According to Dr R Harikumar, Director of Energy Management Centre Kerala, the MoU marks a significant stride towards advancing sustainable development in Kerala by employing enhanced energy efficiency techniques.

He emphasized their determination to reduce energy consumption and curb emissions by leveraging AEEE’s proficiency in decarbonization and energy efficiency. This collaborative effort aligns with Kerala’s objectives of achieving net-zero emissions and advancing Sustainable Development Goals, positioning the state as a resilient entity in the face of climate challenges.


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