Pyrotek on a mission to make Foundries Safe & Clean with New-Gen Machines

Vivekanand Lokhare
Vivekanand Lokhare

If you thought Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence only applies to modern manufacturing, Pyrotek is here to prove it wrong. Handling molten metals, with a lot of safety challenges, Foundries are often considered with dirty shop-floor conditions, Pyrotek equipped with Industry4.0 is revolutionizing the Indian Foundry sector with their new generation machines, which they displayed at the recently concluded MMTS 2019 exhibition at Chennai.

During the exhibition aimed at showcasing the latest technologies in aluminum diecasting, technical conferences, and panel discussions over innovations, Pyrotek India Managing Director, Vivekanand Lokre spoke to MachineMaker and provided insights of their latest innovations. Thriving since 1965, Pyrotek is a privately-owned global engineering front-runner who provides turnkey solutions with eminent engineering and industrial solutions. They are major players in providing technical solutions, integrated systems design and consulting services in areas of battery, construction, oil & gas, ceramics, foundries, marine, mineral processing, and transportation.

Mr. Lokre shares, “We are displaying the products from our inventory that have effective foundry applications. These include single-use consumables such as fluxes and multiple-use consumables such as graphite rotors, shafts or calcium silicate, inserts (for the risers), and filters (for stability flow of liquid metals).”

Pyrotek attracted several eyeballs in the exhibition with their two new-generation machines that customers  checking out for the first time: Degassing Machine and Automatic Pour Machine. Both the machines were different from the conventional machines owing to the incorporated safety features and high-end Industry 4.0 capability



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