Rego-Fix India: A New Feather in India-Switzerland’s 75-Years Alliance

From Left: Urs Birri, Area Sales Manager Asia/Oceania, Rego-Fix, Martin U Maier, Consulate General of Switzerland, Richard E. Weber, CEO, REGO-FIX Group, Makarand Dande, Managing Director, REGO-FIX India, and Pascal Forrer, Global Sales & Marketing Director, REGO-FIX Group, at the Inauguration of Rego-Fix India's Office

The partnership of India and Switzerland dates back to 75 years with India signing its first friendship treaty post-independence with Switzerland. With the announcement of Make in India, in 2014, the manufacturing realm in India is flourishing and constantly evolving. From the picturesque Swiss alpines that most of the Indians have seen in movies growing up to the amiable trade relations, India’s history with Switzerland has evolved beautifully and come a long way.

Today there are more than 300 Swiss Companies that are present in India and are successfully thriving. Rego-Fix is one such Swiss-based manufacturing company that is renowned globally for its products that are essentially required across various manufacturing industries including automotive, medical, watchmaking industries, mechanical engineering aviation, etc. The company opened up a new office cum technical centre on November 1st 2023 in Pune and has commenced its operations in India.

The event was inaugurated and saw the presence of distinguished manufacturing leaders including the Consulate General from Switzerland, Martin Maier who was engaged in a conversation with Machine Maker to talk about the Indo-Swiss relations, upcoming opportunities, and current manufacturing scenario. With the year 2023, the establishment of the new headquarters of Rego-fix in India signifies a celebration of the amiable relations that have consistently been nurtured throughout and continue to grow.  

The company whose headquarters are located originally in Tenniken, Switzerland is one of the leading manufacturers of tool clamping systems with a long reputation in the international market specifically the global metals processing industry. It’s a family-owned and operated company that started humbly but now due to its inventions, quality, and precision of production has successfully established itself in the global market. Every product that is produced and sold by Rego-fix boasts Swiss excellence and is designed specifically to aid productivity. Today, the multi-national organization has a strong global presence due to its extensive network of sales partners worldwide and its distinct offices in Switzerland, the USA, Brazil, China, Japan, and India.

Fostering Mutual Growth: REGO-FIX in India

The collaboration and establishment of Swiss manufacturing companies like Rego-Fix have a promising benefit for the manufacturing sector in India. With Make in India and India trying to emerge as a manufacturing hub, setting up global companies in the country is a mutually beneficial arrangement that aligns with the aim of present government policies and initiatives.

Martin U Maier (Left) with Richard E Weber and Pascal Forrer

Consulate General Martin Meir celebrates the 75-year friendship that has been a success due to companies like Rego-fix owing to their quality of production and reliability. Mr Meir also talks about how Make in India is primary to this development and highlights how Rego-Fix even after being a Swiss-based company resonates with the objective of Make in India and wishes to work to maximize productivity and make the collaboration a mutually rewarding arrangement. Furthermore, in the conversation, Mr Meir highlights the potential for Swiss companies to establish and collaborate with Indian organizations. This is owing to government policies to attract Foreign Direct Investments which are not only limited to the Central Government but he also notes that there is equal participation by the State Governments.

Moreover, according to him the presence of a young workforce that is skilled and educated with the latest technologies and Western curriculums is said to in turn attract more collaborative initiatives and structure the emergence of the Indian manufacturing sector. Thereby, this makes the entire manufacturing realm in India suitable for not just investing but also producing and creating work opportunities for the Indian workforce.

Tracing the History: INDO-SWISS Relations

The Indo-Swiss treaty which was signed in 1948 secured Switzerland to be the “most favored foreign nation treatment”. Furthermore, it helped in establishing a strong economic and bilateral foundation with the country. Today, India is the seventh-largest trading partner of Switzerland, and Switzerland is India’s 12th-largest foreign investor. With Make In India revamping itself post-pandemic the Indian and Switzerland’s bilateral commerce amounted to approximately US$25 billion during FY 2021–2022.  Services between India and Switzerland were traded for roughly US$2 billion during the fiscal year 2021-22

Moreover, with over 65 percent of the Indian population within the 35-year age bracket. India is the country with the largest number of youth and thereby has a credible workforce that can be integrated to transform the economy and status of India globally. However, there is a need to create a skilled workforce that can cater to the changing technological trends that are going on under Industry 4.0 practices. This is where the collaboration with Switzerland can enter as it is known for its renowned for its world-class Vocational Education Training (VET) programs. Thereby, in association with the government’s initiative of “Skill India” and Swiss VET programs, we can ensure upskilling and an increase in employment opportunities for the Indian workforce.

According to reports, almost 75% of Swiss companies have already been present in India, some for years while others have recently opened up post Make In India and recent governmental initiatives. There is a potential for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that are considered to be the backbone of the Swiss economy to enter the Indian manufacturing sector. However, they require a stable trade and investment framework to show interest in our nation.

Moreover, the companies that are present in machinery, tools, and retailing seek low tariffs and less stringent rules. Therefore, if India wishes to strengthen and foster its relationship with Switzerland then is viable for it to construct policies that are mutually profitable and engaging to attract more global companies to open up their headquarters and commence their workings so that investment can pour in breezily and transcend India into becoming the place to be.


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