India’s October 2023 Exports Soar to USD 62.26 Billion; Overall Trade Deficit reduces by 35.86%


In October 2023, the country’s exports increased by 9.43% to USD 62.26 Billion, driven by significant contributions from sectors such as Drugs & pharmaceuticals, Engineering Goods, and Electronic Goods. The service sector also demonstrated robust growth, with an estimated export value of USD 192.65 Billion for April-October 2023, a 6.22% increase from the previous year.

India’s trade landscape in 2023 has displayed remarkable resilience and adaptability in the face of global economic challenges. In October 2023, the country’s overall exports witnessed substantial growth, reaching USD 62.26 Billion, a 9.43% increase from October 2022. This growth was driven primarily by notable performances in critical sectors such as Drugs and pharmaceuticals, Engineering Goods, and Electronic Goods, highlighting the diversification and robustness of India’s export portfolio.

The services sector particularly stood out, with estimated exports for April-October 2023 totaling USD 192.65 Billion, indicating a 6.22% increase over the same period in the previous year. This growth underscores the sector’s significant contribution to the overall economic stability and its increasing role in India’s export dynamics.

Crucially, India’s trade deficit management has shown impressive results. The overall trade deficit for April-October 2023 saw a substantial reduction of 35.86%, dropping to USD 57.64 Billion from the previous year’s USD 89.86 Billion. This decline was most pronounced in the merchandise trade deficit, which improved from USD 167.14 Billion in April-October 2022 to USD 147.07 Billion in the corresponding period of 2023. These figures reflect effective trade strategies and a shift in import patterns, contributing to a more balanced trade scenario for the country.

Time PeriodCategoryOctober 2023 (USD Billion)October 2022 (USD Billion)Growth (%)
Monthly (October)Overall Exports62.2656.90+9.43
Overall Imports79.3571.42+11.10
Merchandise Exports33.5731.60+6.21
Merchandise Imports65.0357.91
Services Exports28.7025.30
Services Imports14.3213.51
April-October 2023Overall Exports437.54444.70-1.61
Overall Imports495.17534.56-7.37
Merchandise Exports244.89263.33
Merchandise Imports391.96430.47
Services Exports192.65181.37+6.22
Services Imports103.22104.09

India’s trade performance in 2023 paints a picture of an economy that is effectively navigating through the complexities of global trade. The growth in exports across diverse sectors and a significant reduction in trade deficits position India as a resilient player in the international market. The data not only highlights the country’s economic strengths but also its potential for continued growth and adaptation in the global trade environment.


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