Elevating Manufacturing Excellence: Innovative Handling with Schmalz India


Efficiency, safety, and aesthetics are paramount in the ever-evolving manufacturing world. Schmalz India, a trusted name in vacuum automation, has taken a significant step towards enhancing these aspects in Indian manufacturing. Their recent acquisition of Binar Handling, a leading Swedish company specialising in ergonomic lifting devices and systems, signifies a commitment to revolutionising the industry.

At Machine Maker, the mission is to empower manufacturers with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in their industries. To achieve this goal, Machine Maker has joined forces with Schmalz India for the ‘Innovative Handling’ series. Together, this collaboration aims to uncover the secrets behind consistent and improved productivity in manufacturing. Partnering with Schmalz, a pioneering force in industrial automation, allows Machine Maker to provide in-depth insights into the cutting-edge solutions that are reshaping the manufacturing landscape.In the very first story of this series, we delve into the exciting innovations brought forth by Schmalz India in partnership with Binar Handling as part of the “Innovative Handling” series, proudly presented by Machine Maker.

Ergonomics Redefined: Safety First by Binar Systems

The manufacturing sector has long grappled with repetitive strain injuries, suboptimal working postures, and unsafe lifting practices. These issues compromise worker health and incur substantial costs for businesses. Enter Binar Handling, a company with a rich history of developing ergonomic lifting solutions that seamlessly merge efficiency and ergonomics.

Pankaj Hote, Regional Sales Manager of Schmalz India, sheds light on the transformative power of Binar Handling’s innovations. Their ergonomic lifting devices and systems are designed to alleviate the physical strain on workers, resulting in a safer and more efficient working environment. Enhanced productivity and sustainable consistent operations are invaluable benefits that Indian manufacturers can now access thrugh Binar’s innovations. Safety is paramount in any manufacturing setting, and by integrating Binar’s cutting-edge lifting solutions into their portfolio, Schmalz is arming manufacturers with easy handling but ensuring the reduction of workplace accidents and injuries.

A Tidy and Aesthetically Pleasing Shopfloor

Beyond safety and efficiency, aesthetics play a significant role in today’s manufacturing landscape. A tidy and visually appealing shopfloor not only improves employee morale but also leaves a lasting impression on visitors and clients. Schmalz India understands this, and their innovative solutions help create shopfloors that are not only functional but also aesthetically superb.


Schmalz’s vision extends beyond vacuum automation. With the acquisition of Binar Handling, they have broadened their horizons, catering to a wider range of industries, especially those requiring heavy lifting solutions. This expansion empowers Indian manufacturers to take their operations to new heights.

As Indian manufacturers strive for excellence, Schmalz India’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and expertise remains unwavering. With the fusion of efficiency, ergonomics, and aesthetics, Schmalz India is poised to take Indian manufacturing to new heights, redefining how we handle and produce goods. Stay tuned for more insights and interviews in the “Innovative Handling” series as we journey through the realm of innovation in manufacturing.


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