Eirich India Marks 25th Anniversary with Grand Plant Inauguration: Focus on Building Local Ecosystem

Grand Inauguration of Chakan Plant & 25 Years Celebration of Eirich India

Eirich India, a subsidiary of the Eirich Group, marked a significant milestone as it celebrated its 25th anniversary and inaugurated its new plant in Chakan on February 15, 2024. Earlier based in Mumbai, this relocation signifies a key moment in the company’s journey of excellence. This strategic move is the result of Eirich India’s commitment to keeping pace with market demands and catering to the evolving needs of its customers. With a legacy of 25 years, the company embarks on a new chapter, embracing growth and innovation at its new operational hub in Pune.

Over the years, Eirich has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality mixers, coolers, pelletizers, and sand plant equipment. The company’s expertise spans various sectors, including steel and metallurgy, refractory foundry, fertilizer, and battery industries. Its dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer experience has solidified its position as a trusted partner in the market. The celebration reflects the enduring bond between India and Germany, showcasing the Indo-German collaboration that has nurtured mutual prosperity and technological advancement.

The commencement of the inauguration saw the traditional lamp lighting by prominent figures of the company, which included Paul Eirich, Former President of Eirich Group, Stephan Eirich, President of Eirich Group, Ralf Rohmann, President of Eirich Prozesstechnik GmbH, Marja Eining, Deputy Consul General of Federal Republic of Germany, Mumbai, and Sourav Sen, Managing Director of Eirich India, adding a meaningful touch symbolizing enlightenment and auspicious beginnings. The unveiling of the new factory location by Stephan Eirich and Ralf Rohmann, followed by a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, marked a symbolic transition towards a new phase of productivity and innovation. This symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by Sourav Sen, along with Stephan Eirich and Ralf Rohmann.

Sourav Sen of Eirich India with Rajesh Nath and Rupashri Das of VDMA India

The event’s significance was further emphasized by the insightful speeches delivered by key dignitaries, including Marja Einig, Stephan Eirich, Sourav Sen, and Rajesh Nath, Managing Director of VDMA India. The apex of the event with a factory tour provided attendees with a firsthand insight into Eirich India’s cutting-edge facilities, showcasing its advanced manufacturing capabilities and commitment to excellence.

Eirich India is Focussing on Building Localised Solutions: Sourav Sen

Sourav Sen

In an interview with Sourav Sen, Managing Director of Eirich India, he emphasized the company’s journey, highlighting both opportunities and challenges encountered along the way. Sourav Sen underscored meeting customer expectations amidst a dynamic market landscape. Furthermore, he highlighted the company’s approach to sourcing raw materials, emphasizing a balance between imported components and localized solutions. This strategy ensures adherence to stringent quality standards and fosters collaboration with local suppliers, contributing to the growth of the Indian manufacturing ecosystem.

The interview also touched upon Eirich India’s commitment to sustainability, with Mr Sen highlighting the company’s focus on energy efficiency, high productivity, and waste reduction. Eirich India aims to minimize its environmental footprint by prioritising sustainability initiatives while delivering efficient mixing solutions to its customers. Looking ahead, Mr. Sen outlined Eirich India’s vision for the future, emphasizing continued growth and expansion. The company remains prepared to leverage emerging technologies and explore new opportunities in sectors such as lithium-ion battery technology. Additionally, Mr. Sen highlighted Eirich India’s aspirations to become an integral part of the global supply chain, serving domestic and international markets.

VDMA Committed to Promote German Engineering Globally

In a separate interview with Rajesh Nath, Managing Director of VDMA India, insights were shared regarding the Indo-German collaboration and Eirich’s affiliation with VDMA. Mr Nath highlighted the significance of Eirich’s growth journey and its alignment with VDMA’s mission to promote German engineering excellence globally. He highlighted the importance of localization in manufacturing and emphasized the mutual benefits of collaboration between German and Indian industries. He viewed it as a win-win situation, benefiting both parties and contributing to the growth of the Indian manufacturing ecosystem.

Rajesh Nath also discussed the role of VDMA in facilitating partnerships between German and Indian companies, fostering knowledge exchange, and promoting business opportunities. He emphasized the growing collaboration between the two countries, driven by geopolitical changes and India’s conducive business environment. Rajesh expressed his pleasure at attending Eirich’s 25th inauguration ceremony, reflecting on his longstanding association with the company spanning over two decades. “It’s a great step for Eirich, and as a member of the German Engineering Federation, Eirich’s growth is closely aligned with our mission,” said Mr Nath. He praised Eirich’s transition from a joint venture to a wholly-owned subsidiary and now to a state-of-the-art facility, emphasizing the potential it brings for expanded operations and exports.

Rajesh Nath further elaborated on VDMA’s role as the largest industrial association in Germany, representing over 3600 companies with a collective turnover of €244 billion, 80% of which is exported. He emphasized VDMA’s commitment to promoting collaboration between German and Indian industries, citing initiatives like webinars and newsletters to link German companies with Indian counterparts.

Eirich India’s 25th-anniversary celebration and plant inauguration represent significant milestones in the company’s journey of growth and success. With a renewed focus on innovation, sustainability, and industry leadership, Eirich India is set to continue its legacy of excellence in the years to come. Amidst this celebration, it’s noteworthy to mention that the business is now being handled by the 5th generation of the Eirich family, symbolizing a continuation of their dedication to quality and advancement.


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