Virtual Trade Exhibition Is the “New Normal”: Key Things to Look for during a Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Trade Exhibition 1
Virtual Trade Exhibition 1

It is an awful time for venturing outside. As our lifestyle keeps inclining to virtual reality with remote conferences and meetings becoming the ‘new normal’, we can assuredly predict that remote trade shows, though sounding futuristic is the present reality. After the cancellation of in-person gatherings, Virtual exhibitions, trade shows, auctions are ranging in the Global Market.

What is a Virtual Trade Exhibition?

There is still time to adapt to the growing changes around us, but futuristic commodities and technologies are becoming a part of our day-to-day life-impacting Business, Trades, and Industries. The real-time trade fairs are now getting upgraded with Virtual Exhibitions online, enabling the merchants in the automation industry to spend considerable time and resources to establish an online exhibition presence “virtual exhibition booths” to showcase their latest innovations. These Virtual Events are carried out between the exhibitor and their attendees through high-resolution 3D visuals to replicate the physical aspects of the trade show for an immersive experience.

Shows can range from basic to all-inclusive in the scale and format, depending on the requirements of the exhibitor. A collection of interactive and informative tools can be employed to facilitate real-time communication and information sharing. For instance, attendees can view product demos, videos, chat with booth representatives, flip-through flyers etc.

Why choose Virtual Trade exhibitions?

Advances in Online Trade show software have opened the gate for a popular shift towards all- virtual sales experiences. Exhibitors and event marketers are advocating virtual trade shows for being cost-effectiveness and having substantial ROI. Besides saving a ton on resources and bringing in more attendees, it also boosts exhibitors’ global exposure along with more engagement between attendees and exhibitors.

Here are five eye-catchers that make Virtual Trade exhibitions one of a kind

Global Prospect Exposure– Being Virtual is being global. With no geographical limitations, it engages a large audience boosting the companies’ lead generation prospect for Virtual Product Launch.

Pre-qualified leads– With Online Trade shows one can secure prior event registration and gives precise report and analytics of the attendees unlike a standard attendance report at physical exhibitions.

Information Sharing– VTS are high-content and value-driven providing vast opportunities for attendees to recognise the products and services on display, facilitating the consideration phase of the sales funnel and encouraging lead conversion.

The Webinar ‘wow-factor’ – Pairing the Virtual exhibitions with webinars would allow the companies to position as thought-leaders, generate leads, connect with prospects, and collect feedback. For Attendees, webinars are a cost-effective and convenient variant of physical conferences offering the same learning and sharing. Webinars regulate rich learning experiences, encourage relevant idea exchange and reveal necessary content metrics.

Shorter Sales Cycle– VTS comes with the distinct feature of condensing and accelerating companies’ sales cycle. Visitors can view a product and its demonstration followed by a negotiation phase then and there.

The “Never-to-miss” step-

Post-event strategy track and follow-up by sending prospectus through email, welcoming feedback, performing Q&A, or simply, sending a Thank-you note. Post-event surveys of the event or booth performance for adapting the visitor’s viewpoint will help to identify the hits and the misses. Detailed event reports on the RoI can be generated post-event for a better insight into performance metrics.

Are Virtual Trade shows the new normal for global industries?

For B2B marketers, lead generation is the utmost concern. While marketers have a ton of lead generation devices available to them like cold calls, social media opportunities Virtual Exhibitors stands as a class apart. With minimal physical input and ease of information, companies are acknowledging VR’s immense potentiality for prospect engagement and seamless conversion. With VTS (Virtual Trade Shows), B2B professionals are getting extraordinary platforms, rich with features like live webinars, branded and interactive booths, live chat, downloadable content, and network lounges. Trade India recently held a 3-day VTE for reviving MSMEs.

Here are some master strokes to the platform a winning Virtual Trade show: –

 First and foremost is to invest in event promotion through digital platforms- email, social media etc.

 Carefully choosing the VTS software to meet personalised needs and requirements

 Initiate registration before the event

 Designing a visually compelling Trade Show Booth

Online Research for using Marketing Collaterals like product images and videos

 Host a live webinar for visitor engagement

 Developing high-value CTAs and content for a top-notch prospectus

 Introducing live chat

 Developing Downloadable content

 Post-event follow-up of attendees

 Tracking and analysing crucial metrics like event RoI

 Prepare post-event on-demand content


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