Fronius Perfect Welding Achieves Strong Growth and Innovative Solutions for 2023

With step-by-step instructions, the WeldCube Navigator guides welders through tasks using the respective component. This makes training easier and ensures high quality

Despite facing tough conditions, 2022 was a record-breaking year for Fronius Perfect Welding with double-digit sales growth. In 2023, the company aims to continue its growth in the welding technology sector. The focus for this year will be on finding solutions for the shortage of skilled workers, as well as on developing energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies.

Harald Scherleitner

In 2022, Fronius Perfect Welding saw strong growth and introduced several trend-setting innovations, positioning the company well for the new year. According to Harald Scherleitner, Global Director of Sales and Marketing for the Business Unit Perfect Welding, Fronius International GmbH, “Our research and development efforts proactively respond to the changing market needs by putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes and providing the best possible solutions to their challenges.” The company develops user-friendly, high-quality devices that are flexible and can be expanded as needed, with sustainability playing a key role in every step of product development, including consideration of longevity, repairability, and recyclability.

Determined to achieve these objectives, Fronius introduced several pioneering innovations to the market last year. An undisputed industry highlight was the market launch of the new iWave Multiprocess PRO. Whether for TIG, MIG/MAG or manual metal arc welding, this 3-in-1 system saves companies from having to buy several different pieces of equipment, which saves money and natural resources. Regarding the increasing shortage of skilled workers, another world first followed in the form of Fronius’ “TIG DynamicWire” welding package and the appropriate cold wire components for the iWave. All of this makes it easy—even for beginners without years of training—to achieve high-quality TIG seams with a wire feeder.

Launched in 2022, the iWave Multiprocess PRO is Fronius’ intelligent 3-in-1 high-end series for TIG, MIG/MAG and manual metal arc welding. It can be individually tailored to the customer’s requirements, and with the right TIG DynamicWire welding package, the supreme discipline—TIG cold wire welding—becomes child’s play. 

Since 2022, Fronius’ aims have been: to reduce the workload of skilled workers, deploy these workers optimally, and to protect them. With the Fronius CWC-S Cobot welding cell, the step towards automation proves profitable from batch size 1, and therefore also for small and medium-sized companies. While the CWC-S works around the clock to weld components with consistent quality, welders are able to devote more time to more demanding tasks, and are optimally protected by Fronius equipment such as the Fronius Vizor Air/3X respiratory protection system and the Vizor Air/3X Connect fresh air helmet. The brand-new mobile Exento extraction systems and Exento fume extraction welding torch offer excellent protection from welding fumes for welders and everyone working in their vicinity.

Cleanliness is essential when it comes to high welding quality. That is why Fronius has developed environmentally-friendly cleaning processes. The fully automatic Acerios cleaning system sets new standards in the industrial manufacturing process. Based on hot-active plasma technology, it impresses with its low energy consumption and high level of efficiency, and does not contain any environmentally harmful cleaning additives. For the manual cleaning of stainless steel surfaces and TIG weld seams, Fronius has unveiled the latest generation of the MagicCleaner. This advanced series cleans quickly, effectively, and in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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Consistent welding quality from the first to the last piece, with the compact Fronius CWC-S Cobot welding cell, including a rotary unit and optional tailstock. While the Cobot carries out routine welding work, welders can devote their time to more complex tasks.

As a joining technology specialist, Fronius is passionate about arc-related innovations. That’s why customers can look forward to many more innovations in 2023. In 2023, hot topics for the welding industry will primarily be the shortage of skilled workers, sustainability, and fully exploiting the potential offered by digitalization and automation.

Fronius has a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and its ecological, social, and economic aspects, and has established a strategic management system in the field of corporate social responsibility, pursuant to ISO 26000 (ONR 192500 certified). The interest shown by customers also reflects how sustainability awareness is on the rise in trade and industry. That is why the company regularly undergoes evidence-based sustainability assessments, which are carried out by objective third parties such as EcoVadis or the NQC Supplier Assurance Platform. In 2022, Fronius was awarded EcoVadis Silver status for the first time, which means that it can now proudly count itself among the top 25 percent in the industry.

The new Welducation simulator takes virtual welding training to a new level. A realistic representation with augmented reality (AR), real welding torches, and a perfect mix of theory, practical tasks, and knowledge testing make quality training fun.

In 2022, Fronius invested €187 million in the expansion and conversion of manufacturing sites. In 2023, its total investments will increase to more than €233 million. The usable area of the Sattledt site was expanded from 41,000 m² to 69,000 m² and is already gradually being put into operation. “Among other things, we are creating space for additional workstations and production lines for systems equipment and ensuring a stable manufacturing situation. We are hoping to take on around 1,300 new employees internationally by the end of 2023. A lot will also happen at the Pettenbach site in 2023—for example, additional capacities for welding torch manufacturing will be created there,” reports Harald Scherleitner.

High-added value in Europe is the top priority for Fronius, in order to guarantee high quality and safety standards. In addition, self-supply with energy from renewable sources is being continuously expanded. The welding portfolio is being expanded to include several technical solutions to help counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Fronius is relying here on the comprehensive digitalization of all processes and on intuitive, user-friendly systems and applications. These will help employees to get up and running more quickly and to carry out demanding high-quality welding processes. Overall, Fronius sees digital solutions as the key to increasing the efficiency and quality of welding processes.

Two-in-one: With the Dual Wire Feeder, the welder can switch between different wire strengths or materials by simply reaching for the second torch. This makes a second welding system superfluous and the work process much more efficient.

In 2023, Fronius is set to launch the WeldCube Navigator, a digital tool that will standardize work instructions in a new way and simplify knowledge transfer. A predefined step-by-step guide on the display will guide welders through their tasks. This will not only improve the welding quality, but the WeldCube Navigator will also make familiarization and training easier and faster.

Fronius’ virtual welding training does not use any material, reduces costs, and has been successfully used for years. With the new Welducation Simulator, which is set to be launched in the fall, Fronius will take this form of welding training to a new level. Packaged in a standard welding torch housing, with real torches and a realistic representation in augmented reality (AR), the Welducation Campus platform that comes with the simulator will offer comprehensive quality welding training with theory, welding tasks and knowledge testing.

In addition to digital innovations, Fronius will introduce new hardware solutions in 2023. The Dual Wire Feeder is a double wire feed for the Fronius TPS/I series. Equipped with two wire rollers and two hose or burner packs, the welder can easily and very quickly switch between two wire thicknesses or materials with the dual wire feeder.


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