Top Crane System: A Make in India Powerhouse for EOT Cranes and Material Handling Equipment

Rahul Maru is the CEO of Top Crane System Pvt Ltd and with his dynamic personality and far-sighted vision, he takes pride to state that his company is a "Make in India" manufacturer

Top Crane System Private Limited was established in 2019 in the city of Rajkot, Gujarat, India. With a forward-thinking CEO in Rahul Maru at the helm, the company has flourished. The company offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing services, including but not limited to EoT cranes, hand pallets, stackers, and others. The company’s diverse portfolio and innovative leadership have made it a leader in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with Machine Maker, Rahul Maru, CEO of Top Crane System Private Limited, shared his experiences with the company. Based in Rajkot, Gujarat, Top Crane System is one of the leading manufacturer of EOT cranes and metal handling equipment. The company’s core product is the EOT crane, which is available in several variations, including single-girder, double-girder, and chain hoist cranes. In addition to EOT cranes, the company also offers a range of material handling equipment, including hand pallets, stackers, semi-electrical stackers, manual stackers, drum stackers, magnetic lifters, and more.

Top Crane System is one of the leading Engineering company that designs cranes as per Indian Standard with latest technology comparable to any international standards

Top Crane System Private Limited was established in 2019 and has a workforce of 220 employees. The organization is divided into 13 departments, with major departments including marketing, production, design, and research and development. To ensure its products meet the highest standards, the company has an on-site quality control facility. This helps the company maintain its reputation for producing premium quality products.

The in-house quality control measures implemented by the company has been instrumental in its steady growth. The company places a strong emphasis on ensuring the quality of its products and adheres to the “Make in India” initiative by using only domestically sourced components. The company has recently introduced an innovative auto gearbox, which enhances the efficiency of its customers. The auto gearbox eliminates noise and reduces the need for maintenance, making it a reliable and efficient solution for handling gearboxes.

Top Crane System Private Limited boasts a vast production facility that consistently delivers more than 70 hoist products. With a monthly average of 12-13 successful EOT crane projects, the company extends its reach beyond the borders of India, to countries such as Dubai, South Africa, and Tanzania. The EOT crane projects are handled by a skilled and dedicated team of 12 specialists. At Top Crane System, customer satisfaction remains a top priority, even after a sale has been completed, through their exceptional 24/7 after-sales service team.

Top Crane System work to maximize the human efficiency by providing technical solutions and there by contributing to a better tomorrow

Rahul Maru, in the interview, highlighted the importance of certifications for Top Crane System’s EOT cranes. The company rigorously adheres to industry standards by obtaining certifications for every component used in the development of its cranes, as well as the necessary testing certifications. Each EOT crane sold is accompanied by a comprehensive file containing the test results and specifications of its components, ensuring complete transparency for the customer. Top Crane System is committed to providing certifications that align with government regulations and guarantees customer confidence in their purchase.

When it comes to bespoke cranes, Rahul Maru sheds light on the company’s ability to tailor EOT cranes to meet the specific needs of its clients. The design and modifications are crafted to perfectly fit the demands of each customer, cementing Top Crane System’s position as a provider of unparalleled service. With its base of operations in Rajkot, the company extends its reach to surrounding areas like Jamnagar, Morbi, Kuchh, and more. The company’s cranes serve a diverse range of industries, from forging and foundry, to steel, plastic, and engineering.

Rahul Maru spoke about a flagship project of the company, known as “Project India”. According to him, the project involves a portal that closely monitors the various ongoing construction projects in the nation and assesses the need for EOT cranes in those ventures. By keeping tabs on the specifics of each project, Top Crane System offers its services to incorporate their cranes into the project. Rahul Maru stated, “The project comprises the portal that keeps a check of the ongoing projects in the country and the number of EOT cranes that are required in those projects. Keeping a check on the details of the projects, we make an offer to the project holder about the integration of cranes from Top Crane System in our project.”

Rahul Maru reported that the company is currently managing four projects, one of which is taking place in collaboration with Tata Motors and involves 25 hoists. He also mentioned that they have a significant project underway in South Africa and another one in Palgarh, Maharashtra, India. He said, “We currently have 4 projects running in our base location Rajkot itself which also includes the likes of Tata Motors wherein our 25 hoist project has been running.”

Reliability and easy maintainability coupled with dedicated after sales service are the hallmark of the Top Crane System

The CEO of Top Crane System Private Limited, Rahul Maru, acknowledged the challenges that the crane industry faces, stating that due to its capital-intensive nature, it poses significant risks. Additionally, there is a critical need for trained and skilled personnel to properly operate the products. To combat these obstacles, he mentioned that the company is striving to incorporate more automation into their processes to improve production efficiency while ensuring the maintenance of quality standards.


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