Tempsens: A Make-in-India Brilliance with 46 Years of Innovation and Global Influence

Hemant Rathi, General Manager- Marketing, Tempsens

In September 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched the Make in India initiative as part of a broader nation-building agenda as well as to respond to critical challenges the nation was facing. Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt Ltd has made one of the distinctive examples of embodying the ethos of Make in India. Hemant Rathi, the General Manager- Marketing at Tempsens, has contemplated on their 46-year legacy of excellence in an exclusive interview with Hari Shanker, Managing Editor of Machine Maker.

Launched in response to a severe economic crisis, Make in India initiative has swiftly evolved into a unifying force for India’s diverse stakeholders, include the Indian manufacturing sector. Beyond a mere slogan, it signifies a holistic transformation, addressing outdated processes and policies. It reflects a constructive shift in the government’s approach – from an authoritative entity to a collaborative business partner. Aligned with the belief of ‘Minimum Government, Maximum Governance,’ Make in India serves as a call of action for citizens, business leaders, and global partners, inviting them to contribute to India’s economic resurgence.

One of the Indian Manufacturing organizations that has been conducting their business adhering to the ideology of Make-In-India, is Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt Ltd. Tempsens, one of the key players in the thermal and cable products domain, operates as part of the esteemed Pyrotech Group. Originating in 1976 in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the company’s inaugural offerings were Thermocouples and RTDs. Specializing in the production and supply of high-quality thermal engineering products, accessories, and services, Tempsens has been tailoring solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

With strategic collaborations with global leaders in thermal engineering technology, the company excels in critical components, non-contact temperature measurement, heaters, and furnaces. With a robust Sales & Service network across India and a global presence through distributors in 20 countries, Tempsens continues its mission to be one of the premier global temperature engineering solution providers.

With over 6,500 satisfied customers worldwide, the company remains committed to delivering cutting-edge thermal technology solutions. Recently, has participated in IDEAS2024- Conference on Innovative Design & Engineering in Aerospace systems and DistribuELEC 2024, one of the biggest meeting place of International Buyers and Sellers.

Non Contact Temperature Sensors by Tempsens (Image Credit: Tempsens)

Tempsens offers a comprehensive range of temperature sensing solutions, including Contact and Non-Contact Temperature Sensors and Accessories, Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), Thermowells & Accessories, Gauges, Temperature Calibrators, Nickel & Thermocouple Alloys, Infrared Temperature Sensors, Pyrometers, Thermal Imagers, Furnace Monitoring Cameras, and Human Body Temperature Measurement devices.

In the context of Heating Solutions, Tempsens provides Process Heaters, Component Heaters, Furnace Heaters, Laboratory Furnaces, Industrial Furnaces, and Laboratory/Industrial Ovens. The company also specializes in Wires and Cables, offering High-Temperature Wires and Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Control Cables, and Mineral Insulated Cables.

Aluminium Foil Heaters by Tempsens (Image Credits: Tempsens/LinkedIn)

Tempsens has also introduced Aluminium Foil Heaters, a heat tracing solution by Tempsens. Engineered for efficiency, these heaters feature a flexible design that ensures uniform heat distribution, eliminating cold spots. They are ideal for various applications, including industrial processes and residential roofing, offering both moisture resistance and cost-effectiveness. The installation process is simplified with an adhesive blocking system, and the high thermal conductivity of aluminum foil enables quick and precise temperature regulation. Elevate your heating solutions with Tempsens Aluminium Foil Heaters.

Hemant Rathi asserts the company’s journey reflects a commitment to innovation and excellence in the realm of temperature sensing and cable solutions. Mr Rathi, during this interview, also discusses the company’s scale, stating, “This year, Pyrotech Group, including Tempsens, is set to achieve a turnover of around 800 crores, with Tempsens contributing approximately 400 crores. Noteworthy is our global reach, as an Indian company, with factories in countries like Germany and Indonesia, reflecting our success in both domestic and international markets.”

Talking about collaborations and joint ventures to further reinforce their Make-in-India mission, Mr Rathi highlights, “In our joint venture with AST, we manufacture pyrometers and thermal imagers. Additionally, we’ve ventured into startups with Aqueous, focusing on indigenous technology for thermal imaging. This signifies our commitment to cutting-edge technology developed entirely in India.”

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the industry has faced challenges, yet many companies are experiencing substantial growth. Tempsens, witnessing a commendable 40% annual growth, navigates the current market dynamics with resilience. Mr Rathi, discussing this ascending path during the challenging times, acknowledges the positive trend in the Indian market. Despite the ongoing global uncertainties, Tempsens has secured significant orders and foresees numerous projects both domestically and internationally, reflecting the remarkable growth potential in various industries.

Tempsens reflects the success of the Make-in-India initiative, exemplifying 46 years of commitment to innovation, global outreach, and resilience in the face of challenges. With a diverse product range and a customer-centric approach, the company envisions to navigate the evolving market dynamics, reinforcing its position as one of the key contributors in the thermal and cable products domain, both in India and across the globe.


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