Semiconic Devices: Driving Make in India Innovation in Electronic Components

Sandeep Soni, Director, Semiconic Devices

The Make in India mission, propagated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is widely recognized at this point of time, across the nation. With the Prime Minister’s vision of making India self-reliant, the manufacturing industries across India are also coming up with extraordinary and innovative locally-made solutions, making the initiative even stronger. Semiconic Devices, an organization working in the distribution of electronic components has demonstrated their latest locally-produced advanced solutions at electronica India, the international trade fair for electronic components, systems, applications, and solutions.

With the increasing growth and popularity of manufacturing electronic components and semiconductors in India, Sandeep Soni, the Director of Semiconic Devices, has engaged in a captivating conversation with Machine Maker. As the interview progresses, it unravels Mr Soni’s focus on the significance of empowering manufacturers to promote the Government’s mission of Make in India.

Founded in January 2011 and officially registered in October of the same year, Semiconic Devices specializes in the distribution of electronic components. As a renowned distributor in India, Semiconic Devices works with the motto of innovation. With a strong presence across diverse regions of India, the company has established itself in almost every area, serving over 700 customers across various segments in the past decade. The Semiconic team is composed of professionals with extensive experience in the electronic components field, having worked with major Indian companies such as Havells, Jaquar, Philips, CG Surya Roshani, and Dixon Technologies.

Emphasizing the value of business relationships, Semiconic collaborates closely with customers and suppliers, acting as trusted partners to achieve common goals. Founded by directors with vast experience in the electronic field and a background in global semiconductor distribution leaders, Semiconic leverages this knowledge to source and support electronic designs, components, manufacturing, and end products, passing on these benefits to valued customers.

The company’s strengths lie in quick responses and decisions, a global presence with strategic tie-ups, extensive experience in the complete supply chain, technical expertise, and a one-stop solution for various services, setting it apart from competitors. Committed to providing the latest components to customers promptly, Semiconic maintains a dedicated Research & Development team with qualified professionals focused on innovative solutions for efficient customer service.

Sandeep Soni highlighted their diverse range of products in semiconductors and electronic components. The company serves various manufacturers in the production of EV products, automotive items, and consumer goods such as washing machines. Semiconic Devices specializes in offering technical solutions and supplying both active and passive electronic components. The overarching goal is to empower manufacturers to increase their production within India. Sandeep expressed satisfaction with the positive response at the show, acknowledging the good footfall and engaging interactions with customers.

Talking about empowering people to manufacture in India and, thereby, supporting the Government’s vision of Make in India, Mr Soni shared his thoughts on the Make in India campaign and the growth potential of the Indian market in the upcoming years. In the context of Electronica India, Mr Soni has also shared intricate details about the company’s aims to introduce innovative solutions aligning with emerging trends, especially in Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Mr Soni revealed their offerings, particularly a Battery Management System (BMS) tailored for reliable EV products. In addition to this, he also highlighted their promotion of cutting-edge products like the Japanese Stanley’s driver monitoring IR LED system, designed to detect driver drowsiness and issue timely alerts, thereby elevating safety standards.

The government’s active promotion of the “Make in India” initiative, according to Mr Soni, is a narrative of inspiration for numerous entrepreneurs to embark on manufacturing ventures within the country. Semiconic Devices is a proud part of this crucial initiative by the Indian Government as they are positioned as vital raw material suppliers. Their role in the Make in India movement is not merely transactional; it was an integral part of a positive trend where the demand for components surged alongside the growing wave of local production.

As Mr Soni shared his thoughts on this journey, it became clear that the narrative of “Make in India” was not just a governmental campaign but a collective narrative of growth and self-reliance. The Indian market, as envisioned by Mr Soni and echoed through the operations of Semiconic Devices, was on a consistent expansion mission, driven by the collective efforts of those answering the call to manufacture within the nation’s borders. Hence Semiconic Devices, in the context of the larger landscape of ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’, has emerged not just as a supplier but also as one of the key contributors to India’s economic evolution and self-sufficiency.


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