Rapid DMLS for Make in India: Pioneering Precision with Metal Additive Manufacturing

Niranjan who is the co-founder of Rapid DMLS Inc is a skilled professional in the field of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Rapid DMLS, a trailblazing Indian startup based in Bengaluru, has quickly established a sterling reputation for delivering high-precision components through Metal Additive Manufacturing. With clients such as DRDO and BEL, this small company competes with industry giants and shines brightly. Utilizing the widely-trusted and reliable Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process, Rapid DMLS is at the forefront of precision manufacturing and leading the way in the industry.

In today’s crowded market, the ability to create components in small quantities through Additive Manufacturing is a valuable advantage, and that is where Rapid DMLS is excelling. Supplying to major players in the Aerospace, Defense, and Space sectors, this company has carved out its own unique niche. With a highly skilled team and top-notch infrastructure, Rapid DMLS is able to deliver top-quality parts in record time. Machine Maker recently spoke with Niranjan N B, the co-founder of Rapid DMLS, who shared his journey to success and how he established his company in a competitive market.

Rapid DMLS focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to its customers through the use of advanced techniques such as 3D Metal Printing, Multiaxis CNC Machining, and Reverse Engineering. The company believes that additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way product design is approached and is leading to numerous new opportunities with shorter lead times. With its combined technical expertise of over three decades in subtractive manufacturing and reverse engineering, combined with Design for Additive Manufacturing, Rapid DMLS aims to become a one-stop shop for rapid prototyping and production of metal 3D-printed parts.

“We started Rapid DMLS in the year 2017 with a group of manufacturing experts and since then the company has been offering manufacturing services through advanced technology to our customers. We started metal additive manufacturing when it was in the initial stage, and now the technology is getting evolved, and we also became a prominent supplier for leading companies in India”, shared Niranjan. Niranjan is of the opinion that with the growing knowledge about the use of additive technology in day-to-day activities, the growth of the firm is taking place at a positive rate and in recent days it is witnessing growth even at a healthy pace.

Rapid DMLS offers precision metal components through its additive manufacturing machines

Rapid DMLS Inc provides comprehensive solutions for companies seeking high-precision metal components in a short timeframe. Their primary customers are in the aerospace and defence industries, which need small but precise components, which are best suited for metal additive printing. They also cater to companies in the medical field that require surgical tools, implants, and other small-batch metal components. The company eases the burden on their clients by manufacturing products based on the client’s designs and requirements.

“Our clients have unique needs, they share their product designs, and with our expertise, we manufacture the metal components using our advanced metal printing machines and deliver,” says Niranjan. Metal 3D printing has various applications, including single prototypes, small production parts, bulk production parts, and the repairing of dies and moulds. Different metal additives manufacturing techniques, such as Powder Bed Melting, Binder Jetting, and Direct Energy Deposition, offer unique benefits.

Niranjan believes the Make in India campaign should bring more results on the ground than a marketing activity. “We do not manufacture any end product, so we don’t directly export our products out of the country. But the components manufactured by us are part of many end products which are exported to many countries in Europe, the US or the Middle East”, shares Niranjan. He believes there is a lot of scope for Indian companies, especially the small companies can play a major role if they are supported by big companies, as well as with the right government policies.

Rapid DMLS uses the most widely used and reliable process of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) to manufacture precision component parts

The conventional method of manufacturing components was by subtracting which started with lathe machines and is now done by Vertical Milling Centres or CNC Turning machines. These technologies are suitable for large-quantity components. Additive Manufacturing is a process where metal powdered is welded together and the component is formed. “Our’s is a very capital-intensive market, and that is one of the biggest challenges we face. Sometimes our customers do not understand the high cost involved in the process and compare it with the conventional method of manufacturing. The major problem is not having the right awareness about technology, and we need to give more importance to creating awareness. With more awareness this will change”, shares Niranjan.

Rapid DMLS competes with some of the biggest players in the precision component manufacturing industry and has established a strong presence with clients such as the Indian Airforce, Bharat Electronics Limited, and DRDO. The company is a testament to how young engineers can contribute to the Make in India initiative and support the growing demands of the country. According to its co-founder, Niranjan N B, “We are proud to be one of the few small-scale industries producing metal additive components for the Indian Airforce and supplying to other leading companies in advanced manufacturing.” Rapid DMLS is a shining example of how entrepreneurship and innovation can drive the growth of the industry.


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