How Technovos’ GaadE is Making a Silent Revolution in Sustainable Mobility for Material Movement?

Founded in 2019 by Bharath Anantha and Dr Archana Ram Prasad, Technovos is delivering cutting-edge solutions for the construction, industrial, and heavy engineering sectors

In the vast landscape of India’s construction and labour sectors, challenges have persisted for decades. The conventional machinery used in these industries, reliant on petrol and diesel, has not only contributed to pollution but also hindered the efficiency and productivity of workers. Moreover, the loud noise generated by these machines has created hazardous working conditions, negatively impacting labourers’ physical and mental well-being. It is here the Bangalore-based Technovos introducing India’s first Electric Wheelbarrow!

In the bustling construction sites of India, where the relentless hammering and the sight of hard-working labourers are common, a silent revolution is taking place. An  Indian startup Technovos Machinery is determined to transform this landscape with its groundbreaking electric solutions. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by unskilled workers and labourers in these industries,  Technovos is leading the way in revolutionizing the construction and labour sectors with its innovative electric equipment. 

Technovos’ GaadE

Established in 2019 by Bharath Anantha and Dr Archana Ram Prasad, Technovos  Machinery is a tech startup providing solutions for the construction, industrial,  and heavy engineering sectors. Technovos has one manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, which can produce 50-100 units of electric wheelbarrows per month. One of the biggest differentiators for the company concerning the EV OEMs in India today is its plan to tap smaller manufacturing facilities across the country to manufacture these vehicles. In addition to its electric offerings, the company manufactures operator cabins, fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, fabricated chassis for  LCVs, and crushing equipment. The electric wheelbarrow, GaadE, was developed in response to a request from one of Technovos’ clients to meet environmental compliance standards. 

The Bengaluru-based startup is making significant strides in electrifying heavy-duty machines, vehicles, and equipment that have long relied on petrol and diesel. With a solid commitment to hyperlocal sustainable mobility, the company has unveiled its groundbreaking electric wheelbarrow- GaadE, revolutionizing transportation in labour-intensive industries while addressing pollution concerns. Technovos is also developing an electric mini excavator- Novo MX20, promising further advancements in the construction and agriculture sectors. With its focus on efficiency, sustainability, and the Make in India initiative, Technovos is driving positive change and creating a greener future for India. 

“We have already identified two island manufacturing facilities in the Southern region of India and will be expanding that number in the coming years. This would not only help Technovos burn less cash and focus on more vehicle designs and ideas but will also stand as an icon of truly sustainable manufacturing,” said Nanjunda Pratap Palecanda, the Head of Business Strategy at Technovos.

GaadE Leads the Change: Technovos’ Electric Solutions

Technovos’ GaadE is a game-changer for industries heavily dependent on non-renewable energy sources. Designed to enable easy material transportation, this innovative solution offers many advantages. By eliminating the need for petrol or diesel, it not only helps reduce air pollution but also curbs noise pollution,  creating a healthier working environment. The electric wheelbarrow also offers enhanced efficiency, allowing workers to transport materials more effectively,  ultimately improving productivity in labour-intensive sectors. 

Technovos’ GaadE in action

Technovos’ commitment to sustainability goes beyond GaadE. By bringing Novo  MX20, the company is poised to challenge market leaders in the mini excavator segment, offering a greener alternative to renowned brands such as L&T, JCB,  Tata, and XCMG. Additionally, Technovos has plans to transform its electric wheelbarrows into autonomous vehicles, expanding their applications to areas like the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, construction and mining sites,  warehouses, waste management facilities, and agriculture, all of which are labour-intensive sectors. 

While Technovos is in the final stages of receiving orders, the company is actively addressing challenges to enhance its products further. Currently, GaadE offers a  range of 10 kilometres per charge with lead-acid batteries. Technovos is also exploring using lithium-ion batteries to increase the vehicle range to 50 kilometres per charge. To accelerate production, the company is looking to raise  INR 20 crore. It has garnered interest from potential customers such as Bengaluru International Airport, the Karnataka State Warehousing Corporation, the textile ministry, and Indian Railways. 

Beyond equipment-electrification: Technovos’ future  endeavours 

The company is actively developing more silent products, such as electric farm and construction machines, vehicles, and equipment, ensuring they operate within the permissible noise limits set by the Central Pollution Control Board.  With noise levels below 20 decibels for their electric wheelbarrows and between  50 and 60 decibels for the upcoming electric mini excavator, Technovos prioritizes worker well-being and adheres to noise pollution regulations. 

Technovos is pioneering the electrification of heavy-duty equipment and is also dedicated to sustainable manufacturing. By tapping into smaller manufacturing facilities nationwide, Technovos aims to minimize resource consumption and focus on innovative designs and ideas. With the potential to generate revenue by the end of FY24, Technovos is optimistic about its future growth prospects. While initial enquiries have been received from international markets, the company prioritises the domestic market and aims to build a fleet of 50-100 vehicles before expanding globally. 

Technovos is poised to stand out in EV manufacturing by emphasizing the “Distributed economy manufacturing system”. The company aims to create a sustainable way of manufacturing for the future. Rather than investing in large factories, Technovos taps into existing manufacturing infrastructure, promoting scalability and growth in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities while fostering entrepreneurship. This approach generates employment opportunities and contributes to the achievement of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social impact, Technovos is driving positive change in the construction and labour sectors, paving the way for India’s greener and more prosperous future.


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