Ankit Group’s Specialized Components Elevate Chandrayaan-3’s Triumph

Specialized titanium bolts with Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) coating were instrumental in ensuring the flawless landing of Vikram and Pragyan on the Moon

As the historic Chandrayaan-3 mission continues to bask in its resounding success, a significant and often unsung contributor steps into the limelight. The dedicated team at Ankit Group, through their relentless efforts, played a pivotal role in crafting the journey to the lunar realm. With a portfolio spanning alloy steel, stainless steel, and titanium-based fasteners, Ankit Fasteners has solidified its position as an indispensable force behind India’s strides in space exploration.

Behind every remarkable achievement lies a tapestry of dedication and innovation, and the Ankit team has woven its threads into the success of Chandrayaan-3. Their tireless work behind the scenes encompassed the design, development, and supply of critical components that are fundamental to the mission’s triumphant trajectory.

Ankit Fasteners, a beacon of precision engineering, boasts a diverse product range that aligns seamlessly with Chandrayaan-3’s intricate needs. From alloy steel to stainless steel and even the cutting-edge domain of titanium-based fasteners, their supply chain epitomises meticulous selection. This ensures that each component is not just a mere addition, but an indispensable part of the mission’s intricate puzzle.

Zooming in on the specifics, Ankit Group’s contributions manifested in the form of specialised titanium bolts, meticulously covered with the innovative Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) coating. These seemingly small components held immense significance, as they played a pivotal role in orchestrating the flawless landing of the Vikram and Pragyan assemblies on the rugged lunar terrain.

Reshma TV, Chief Financial Officer at Ankit Group

The choice to use titanium for these specialised bolts was rooted in well-founded reasoning: its lightweight composition and remarkable resilience rendered it the perfect contender for the harsh conditions of space. In the vacuum of the cosmos, where every element must weather the journey while upholding its structural integrity, titanium stood resolute.

One noteworthy facet of Ankit Group’s involvement was its unwavering commitment to quality. Every single component crafted for the Chandrayaan-3 mission carried the prestigious NADCAP certification. This stamp of approval not only echoed the company’s dedication to precision but also ensured that only the utmost in quality and accuracy graced the lunar landscape.

Reshma TV, Chief Financial Officer at Ankit Group, eloquently expressed the sentiments of the entire team. “Proud to have had the incredible opportunity to play a part in India’s prestigious Chandrayaan-3 mission,” she said. “Being able to contribute to this remarkable journey of exploration and discovery is an honour that leaves us truly humbled. The Chandrayaan-3 mission represents a giant leap in advancing our understanding of the moon and the universe beyond. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all the brilliant minds, dedicated scientists, and engineers who have made this mission possible. It is a proof of human ingenuity and collaboration at its finest.”

As the nation revels in Chandrayaan-3’s triumph, Ankit Group emerges as a beacon of innovation and precision that illuminated the mission’s path to success. Their contributions, often hidden behind the scenes, embody the spirit of collaboration and determination that drives India’s space aspirations forward.

The story of Chandrayaan-3’s accomplishment remains lacking without recognizing the vital part carried out by the Ankit Group. Their unwavering commitment, precise engineering, and careful component selection have driven the mission’s triumph. The lunar terrain stands as evidence of their cleverness, and the entire country commends Ankit Fasteners for its significant role in enhancing India’s capabilities in space exploration.


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