tesa tapes India to Unveil Sustainable Products at LOGIMAT India 2024

Tesa Tapes

tesa tapes India Pvt Ltd is prepared to participate in LOGIMAT INDIA 2024, an event organized by Messe Stuttgart India. The event is scheduled to take place at Greater Noida from 28th February to 1st March, providing a platform for industry leaders and participants to converge, share insights, and explore the latest trends in the logistics and intra-logistics sectors.

tesa tapes, a multinational corporation, specializes in creating adhesive tapes and self-adhesive solutions catering to diverse industries and commercial clients. With a portfolio containing over 7,000 adhesive solutions, Presently, the company places a strong focus on sustainability and energy-efficient practices, channelling investments into eco-friendly product development and solvent-free manufacturing processes.

With a legacy spanning over 100 years, tesa tapes has established itself as one of a global leader in pressure-sensitive additive solutions, originating from Germany and operating with subsidiaries worldwide. tesa tapes India Pvt Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of tesa tapes, officially founded in 2012, has been operating in the Indian market for over a decade.

Expressing commitment to growth in India, Mr Tushar Padwal, Head of Sales and Marketing at tesa tapes India Pvt Ltd, stated “Our journey in India began around two decades ago, and since 2012, we have been consistently investing in the Indian market. We have a dedicated converting center in Chennai, along with offices in Mumbai and Delhi. People development is one of our core strengths, and we continue to invest significantly in our team.”

Operating on a global scale with manufacturing plants in Germany, the US, and Southeast Asia (Vietnam), tesa tapes stresses local production in India. The products and solutions are imported globally, then converted in India to meet the demands of the local market.

Elaborating on the operational structure, Mr Padwal seamlessly integrated: “Our converting unit in Chennai processes adhesive tapes, providing specialized solutions for slitting, slicing, and various other applications. We import raw products from mother branches outside of India and convert them locally to meet the demands of the Indian market.”

Mr Padwal also added that tesa tapes has a complete portfolio of over 7,000 products globally, continuously adding around 100 new products each year. The diverse range includes solutions for logistics, packaging, warehouse operations, and more.

Highlighting the sustainability focus, Mr Padwal said “We have a strong focus on sustainability and safety in our products. At LOGIMAT INDIA 2024, we aim to showcase our sustainable solutions, including the newly launched double-sided range made from recycled materials”. Understanding the different needs of its customers, tesa tapes offers customization of solutions based on specific requirements within the broad spectrum of its 7,000-plus product portfolio.

Participating in LOGIMAT INDIA 2024 holds importance for tesa tapes. The company sees the event as an opportunity to learn from industry experts, engage with global and local peers, and explore areas for collaboration and growth. The platform offers a chance to showcase their capabilities and solutions to a diverse audience, including potential customers and industry leaders.

Expressing expectations from the event, Mr Padwal mentioned “We look forward to gaining valuable insights from industry experts and sharing our expertise. Additionally, we aim to explore collaborative opportunities with Indian and global companies. The focus on trends shaping the logistics and warehousing domain aligns with our commitment to offering innovative solutions.”

tesa tapes India Pvt Ltd participation in LOGIMAT INDIA 2024 shows its dedication to contributing to India’s growth story and aligning its innovative solutions with the evolving needs of the logistics and intra-logistics industries. As the company continues to expand its presence and product offerings in India, LOGIMAT INDIA provides a platform for Tesa Tapes to showcase its commitment to sustainability, safety, and customer-centric solutions in the  Indian market.


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