Nilkamal to Showcase Innovative Warehousing Solutions at LogiMAT INDIA 2024

Amol Pradhan, Vice President- Wrapping and Shelving Business

Nilkamal Ltd, one of the leading warehousing and logistics industry players, has been invited to participate in the LogiMAT INDIA 2024 event, organised by Messe Stuttgart India. The event is scheduled to take place from 28th February to 1st March in Greater Noida. As a key participant, Nilkamal Ltd will set up a stall to exhibit their products and solutions in material handling, highlighting their commitment to quality and innovation.

Under the leadership of first-generation entrepreneurs Vamanrai Parekh and Sharad Parekh, Nilkamal was established. The company has diversified into various sectors, including Material Handling Solutions, Ready Furniture, Home lifestyle retail chain, Nilkamal Mattrezzz, and Bubbleguard material protection solutions. Since its listing on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange in 1991, Nilkamal has consistently maintained market leadership by focusing on quality, core values, hard work, and adaptability to market demands.

In an exclusive interview with Amol Pradhan, Vice President of the Wrapping and Shelving Business at Nilkamal Ltd, Mr Pradhan highlighted that Nilkamal Ltd will use the LogiMAT platform to showcase their indigenous warehousing solutions. The focus will be on material storage systems, including plastics and steel-wrapped solutions important for industries and warehousing needs. The company’s extensive product range covers items such as pallets and bins, all manufactured in-house.

Notably, Nilkamal Ltd has a remarkable presence in the domestic market and engages in export activities to various countries, including Africa, parts of the Middle East, and the United States. This international outreach highlights the company’s commitment to delivering quality products globally. With LogiMAT INDIA 2024 being a premier event bringing together end-users, solution providers, manufacturers, consultants, and technology partners, Mr Pradhan stressed the importance of such a medium. He said this platform allows for meaningful interactions between solution providers and end-users, which is crucial for ensuring efficient warehousing and minimizing losses.

From a product perspective, Nilkamal Ltd will showcase a range of solutions customised to specific customer requirements. The stall will feature physical displays and audio-visual presentations, offering attendees a complete understanding of the company’s diverse warehousing solutions. Some highlights include pillar-supported mezzanines and multi-tier shelving, addressing the present needs of the logistics industry.

Mr Pradhan mentioned that Nilkamal’s participation in LogiMAT INDIA 2024 aligns with their threefold perspective. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to understand the capabilities of fellow manufacturers. Secondly, it facilitates direct interaction with end customers, allowing the company to gain insights into evolving expectations and requirements. Thirdly, engaging with consultants and media professionals enables knowledge sharing and learning from diverse perspectives, contributing to the continuous improvement of Nilkamal’s offerings.

Reflecting on the growth and development of India’s intralogistics and logistics sectors, Mr Pradhan expressed confidence. He expects major growth opportunities, attributing it to increased customer-centric approaches, rising purchasing power, and a shift towards automation. With the government’s initiatives, the changing scenario indicates positive growth for the logistics industry.

Addressing the industry’s evolution over the past five years, Mr Pradhan acknowledged an ideal shift. Traditionally, India was known for its cheap labour, but the rising cost of labour and favourable financial conditions are directing companies toward automation. He highlighted that automation enhances efficiency and allows the redirected use of manpower for more productive endeavours.


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