Advanced AMR Solutions for Intralogistics: Hachidori Robotics All Set for LogiMAT INDIA

Sunil Kumar Yelisetty

Hachidori Robotics is set to participate in LogiMAT INDIA 2024, an event scheduled from February 28th to March 1st in Greater Noida. As an innovator in technology, the company is set to showcase its Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and solutions, signalling a standard shift in the domain of material movement automation. In an exclusive interview with Sunil Kumar Yelisetty, head of sales and marketing at Hachidori Robotics, he commented on the company’s plans and its expectations from LogiMAT INDIA 2024.

Hachidori Robotics, a start-up founded by Janaki, Ram, and Venkat, has dedicated itself to transforming material movements in industrial manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics through automation. The core of their products lies in innovation, designed to simplify the deployment, operation, and maintenance of their Automated Mobile Robots. These robots boast versatile features, allowing for product personalization and adaptation to enhance the overall value of their solutions.

“Hachidori Robotics is thrilled to be at the LogiMAT INDIA 2024, where we will reveal our latest advancements in AMR solutions. This event provides a platform for us to demonstrate our commitment to technology and our vision for the future of automation,” states Sunil Kumar Yelisetty, Head of Sales and Marketing at Hachidori Robotics. Hachidori Robotics, a deep tech company founded in December 2019, has quickly become a known player in the industry, making development of indigenous technologies. With a focus on automating material movement through their AMRs, the company has recently secured patents, including one for their indoor GPS technology, achieving an accuracy level of plus or minus 10 mm.

Based out of Bangalore, Hachidori Robotics aligns with the Make in India initiative. Mr Yelisetty highlighted that their products are entirely indigenous, with both hardware and software developed in-house. The company has supported the government’s initiatives, including securing patents related to Industry 4.0 technologies. As part of its commitment to innovation, Hachidori Robotics has successfully deployed its products in the market, with a customer base that includes prominent original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automobile industry. The company aims to contribute to the growing demand for automation in India and is actively exploring opportunities to expand its presence in the Asian Pacific region.

With a manufacturing plant in Bangalore, Hachidori Robotics is set for remarkable growth. The company is in the process of expanding its current facility from 8,000 square feet to an expansive 25,000 square feet. The workforce is also set to increase from 42 to 100 within the next few months, reflecting the company’s vision for scaling up its operations. In the interview, Mr Yelisetty discussed Hachidori Robotics’ participation in LogiMAT INDIA 2024. “We aim to use the opportunity to increase our visibility, reaching key decision-makers, potential customers, and industry peers,” he says. The company plans to showcase two significant solutions – a lifting solution AMR and a docking conveyor AMR.

The lifting solution AMR is designed to optimize time-to-market, making it ideal for e-commerce sectors and industries requiring efficient material movement. The same solution proves valuable in manufacturing processes, facilitating the transfer of raw materials to assembly areas and EFZ product movement within warehouses.

The docking conveyor AMR, on the other hand, is positioned as an intermediate solution. It complements Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) solutions, bridging the gap between infeed/outfeed points of ASRS and various other areas within a facility. Hachidori Robotics has already established partnerships with key players in the industry, such as Craftsman, showcasing the industry’s acknowledgment of the uniqueness and effectiveness of their solutions.

Looking ahead, Hachidori Robotics is working on expanding its product line, with a forklift AMR in the beta version stage. While not officially launched, the company plans to exhibit the product design and features at LogiMAT INDIA 2024, offering a glimpse into their future offerings. “The recent funding injection of 3 million USD from Indian investors demonstrates confidence in Hachidori Robotics’ potential. We are optimistic about the exponential growth of the logistic and intralogistics industries in India, highlighting the increasing acceptance of automation post-COVID,” states Mr Yelisetty.

Hachidori Robotics stands at the front of the automation revolution in India, driving innovation and contributing to the nation’s Make in India initiative. With LogiMAT INDIA 2024 around the corner, the company is set to make a remarkable impact, showcasing its solutions to a wider audience and positioning itself as one of the key players in the logistics and intralogistics sector.


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