Gridbots Technologies to Showcase Robotics at LogiMAT India 2024


Gridbots Technologies, is set to make an impact at LogiMAT India 2024. The company, invited to participate in this prestigious event held at Greater Noida from 28th February to 1st March by Messe Stuttgart India, is set to unveil its innovative products and advancements in the field of robotics. In an exclusive interview with Pulkit Gaur, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Gridbots Technologies, key insights were shared about the company’s participation and the technologies they plan to showcase.

Established in August 2007 by the innovator Pulkit Gaur, Gridbots is a technology company based in India specializes in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Vision. Headquartered in Ahmedabad with additional offices in Pune and Delhi, they possess a dedicated team of over 50 professionals. Their expertise lies in designing and developing, high-performance systems used across industries for defect detection, dimension measurement, sorting, grading, and various other applications, contributing to the realization of their clients’ digital factory goals.

In the realm of industrial automation, Gridbots Technologies stands out as the only Indian company manufacturing seven geometries of robotic arms. These arms, with payload ranges spanning from 1 kilogram to 100 kilograms, are designed to replace manual activities in various industrial applications. The company also has one of the largest range of self-driving robots in India, capable of handling payloads from 1 to 30 tons, both indoors and outdoors. 

Their machine vision products lead globally in certain applications, outperforming competitors from countries like Israel, America, and Japan. Gridbots Technologies extends its expertise to the defence sector, developing robots that navigate battlefields and supply critical information to armed forces worldwide. These robots play an important role in enhancing intelligence and survey capabilities.

With a portfolio featuring over 20 robots, Gridbots Technologies addresses applications where human intervention is challenging. From working underwater up to 15 meters to handling extreme temperatures and gaseous environments, these robots are leased out to customers for specialized tasks, demonstrating the company’s versatility.

Mr Gaur, the CTO of Gridbots Technologies, highlighted the company’s commitment to the “Make in India” initiative and Industry 4.0. While sourcing equipment components from countries like Japan, the US, and Germany, the design, manufacturing, fabrication, and programming are all carried out in-house.

Gridbots Technologies’ participation in LogiMAT India 2024 holds planned essence. The company aims to utilize this platform to showcase its technological skill and disclose its latest product – the Auto Loader, Auto Dumper. These products are capable of autonomously moving payloads of up to five tons, both indoors and outdoors. Being an L5 level autonomous vehicle, it promises to modify logistics and warehouse operations.

In addition to the Auto Loader, Auto Dumper, Gridbots Technologies will be presenting several other products at LogiMAT India. The line-up includes India’s first self-driving forklift, Shuttle, and the highly successful autonomous jacking robot, AutoJack. These products collectively represent the company’s dedication to providing solutions for the logistics and warehouse industries.

While Gridbots Technologies primarily focuses on standardized products, Mr Gaur acknowledged the need for customization, citing that 10-20% of adaptations may be necessary to cater to unique customer requirements. This approach aligns with the company’s vision to enhance locally without deviating from its overall strategy.

The conversation with Mr Gaur about the accelerated growth of the logistics and intra-logistics sector post-COVID. The pandemic has acted as a booster, driving industries to adopt automation strategies at an unexpected pace. Gridbots Technologies predicts a growth in demand for their innovative products as the industry faces challenges in securing available manpower.

Participating in LogiMAT India is not just about showcasing products for Gridbots Technologies. It’s a move to gain global visibility and connect with potential customers and partners. The company’s expectation from the event is clear – to create awareness about their capabilities, attract a diverse audience, and establish themselves as a known player in the global robotics industry.


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