From Components to Complete Solutions: Stakon’s Evolution in Material Handling

Stakon - Electric pallet

Stakon, a subsidiary of JREW Engineering which has been a constant in the engineering domain for over 50 years, is excited to announce its participation in the LogiMAT India 2024 event, scheduled to take place from 28th February to 1st March in Greater Noida. Organized by Messe Stuttgart India, this premier event is a significant platform for companies in the logistics and intralogistics sectors to showcase their innovative products and engage with industry peers.

Founded in 1973, JREW Engineering has established itself as a leader in delivering engineering solutions, specializing in the production of essential light and medium fabricated as well as precision-machined components. These components are crucial for the efficient operation of a wide array of machinery across various sectors, including material handling, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and railways, catering to the unique needs of industries requiring reliable and precision-engineered parts.

In an exclusive interview, Raghav Grover, the Director of Strategy at JREW & Stakon, shared insights into the subsidiary’s background, product range, and aspirations for LogiMAT India 2024. Known primarily for its expertise in manufacturing components for diverse industries, Stakon has made significant strides in the material handling sector with its Stack-on product range, offering innovative stacking solutions.

The venture into creating stacking solutions was driven by a clear gap in the Indian market for domestic producers of electric goods handling equipment. Leveraging JREW Engineering’s vast experience in fabrication, Stakon has developed a range of robust and durable stacking solutions, designed specifically for the Indian usage conditions. The product lineup has grown to include fully electric stackers, semi-electric stackers, electric pallet trucks, tow trucks, and the eagerly anticipated fully electric reach stacker.

Stakon’s dedication to an entirely domestic supply chain sets it apart in the industry. As the premier supplier for mast assemblies for forklifts within India for the past 3 decades, the company ensures all suppliers are domestic, highlighting a commitment to supporting the local economy and reducing reliance on imports.

The upcoming LogiMAT India 2024 exhibition will feature the unveiling of Stakon’s new product, the fully electric reach stacker, marking a significant milestone in the company’s product expansion. This expansion is supported by the construction of a new assembly line with a capacity to produce over 100 machines per month and the establishment of one of India’s largest R&D facilities dedicated to electric stackers. This R&D center is focused on developing new products, versatile attachments, and incorporating advanced safety technologies, including sensor-based overload protection systems.

Stakon, under the umbrella of JREW Engineering, has built a 24-dealer network across India, with a notable presence in major cities and metropolitan areas. The company is also expanding its reach internationally, with machines operational in Dubai and Bangladesh, and discussions for potential collaborations in Iran and Australia underway.

In response to evolving market demands, Stakon is innovating its machines to be suitable for operation in cold storage units, catering to the growing needs of the food related FMCG sector. These strategic moves highlight Stakon’s ambitious goals and its commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

Participation in LogiMAT India 2024 is a key component of Stakon’s business strategy, aiming to further establish its footprint within the material handling sector. In a market dominated by large conglomerates with non-Indian ownership and smaller indigenous manufacturers that lack sophistication in product and marketing, Stakon positions itself as a provider of indigenously manufactured, high-quality products that are competitive on a global scale.

A challenge identified by Mr Grover is the lack of standardization within the Indian material handling sector. Stakon has proactively created a standardized list of products to encourage the industry towards more efficient operations. LogiMAT India 2024 presents Stakon with an invaluable opportunity to not only display its diverse product range but also to forge connections with potential suppliers and customers across the supply chain, reinforcing its dedication to industry innovation and collaboration.


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