EcoYou Industries to Showcase Sustainable Solutions at LOGIMAT INDIA 2024


Towards promoting sustainability and innovation in the logistic and intralogistics sector, EcoYou Industries is set to participate in LogiMAT INDIA 2024. The event, scheduled from 28th February to 1st March at Greater Noida, is expected to be a platform for industry leaders, experts, and innovative companies to converge and discuss the latest trends and solutions in the logistics industry.

EcoYou stands as one of the global leader in the development of sustainable solutions within the construction and bioenergy sectors. Their primary business lines include the manufacturing of sustainable building materials crafted from non-conventional renewable sources like agri-residue. They’ve also launched India’s inaugural fire-retardant, bullet-proof, formaldehyde-emission-free board derived from agri-residue, catering to Western export markets. Their production facility, situated in Maharashtra, India. Additionally, They specialize in supplying bio-energy plants, particularly in the treatment of waste from distilleries, dairy, pharma, and related industries. 

EcoYou Industries, known for its commitment to environmental responsibility for warehouse and logistics industry will utilize this opportunity to showcase its eco-friendly products and solutions. Praveen Kumar Raju, the Technical Director at EcoYou Industries, shared insights about the company’s business model, product range, and the objective behind participating in LOGIMAT INDIA.

EcoYou Industries specializes in manufacturing engineered boards, with a unique focus on sustainability. The company addresses a pressing environmental concern by reprocessing agro fibers left in the fields, thus preventing the burning of these fibers, which contributes to carbon emissions. The process involves utilizing German technology, including advanced pressing and lamination machines, to manufacture boards with diverse applications.

The primary applications of EcoYou’s boards extend to the warehouse products like fire-retardant flooring, fire-retardant walls, pallets, cold room enclosures, modular offices, robotic floorings with features like thermal insulation, large sizes, loa bearings etc. Furthermore, EcoYou Industries has expanded its reach beyond India, exporting materials to European markets such as Ireland and the UK. The company’s objective of EcoYou Industries at LOGIMAT INDIA 2024 is to Support for sustainability and create awareness about the positive impact of eco-friendly solutions by showcasing their products, EcoYou aims to position itself as a developer in sustainable innovation within the warehousing industry.

EcoYou Industries plans to exhibit a range of products at its stall during the event. One addition to their portfolio is eco-friendly pallets, designed to replace conventional pallets made from materials contributing to carbon emissions. The company has recently entered this segment, offering a cost-effective and sustainable alternative. Other key products include flooring solutions for mezzanine applications, racking solutions, fire-rated walls for partitioning, and innovative loading level solutions. EcoYou’s patented technology, Eco Rack, promises a 30% cost-saving, making it a compelling choice for companies looking to optimize their warehousing expenses.

Moreover, the company’s commitment to providing long-lasting solutions is obvious in the 10-year warranty offered on their products. While the products are relatively new in the Indian market, they have already been tested and implemented successfully in various projects, showcasing their durability and reliability.

In discussing the growth and development of the logistic and intralogistics sector in recent years, Mr Raju highlighted the positive shifts towards efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The industry has witnessed an improvement in utilizing space, adopting automation, and incorporating innovative solutions. He highlighted the changing scenario where smaller and medium-sized 3PLs (Third-Party Logistics providers) are gaining importance. Companies are now more open to embracing innovation and automation, driven by the necessity to stay competitive in the market. EcoYou Industries, with its sustainable and cost-effective solutions, aims to play an important role in this evolving scenario.

EcoYou Industries sees LOGIMAT INDIA 2024 as a platform to create awareness and establish connections within the industry. The company’s expectation is not only to showcase its products but also to engage with industry professionals, potential clients, and partners. By demonstrating the live functionality and benefits of their solutions, EcoYou aims to position itself as a go-to choice for sustainable warehousing solutions.


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