Accio Robotics Set to showcase Goods-to-Person Solution at LogiMAT India 2024

Accio Robotics- New Product
AccioPick Air

Accio Robotics has been invited to participate in LogiMAT India 2024, scheduled to take place at Greater Noida from February 28th to March 1st. Organized by Messe Stuttgart India, this event brings together industry leaders and innovators to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the logistics and intra-logistics sector.

Accio Robotics is one of the companies at the forefront of warehouse automation with their revolutionary robotics system, set to transform order picking management. Their solution acts as a catalyst for warehouse operations, ensuring optimal efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. The company effectively market their innovative solution by highlighting its key benefits, showcasing real-world examples, and leveraging educational content and strategic partnerships.

Accio Robotics, a Bangalore-based startup specializing in order picking, aims to highlight their technological prowess and showcase their flagship product, AccioPick Air. Founded just four years ago, Accio Robotics has rapidly positioned itself as one of the key player in the warehouse automation space. Specializing in the development of indigenous warehouse robotics solutions, the company has successfully navigated the challenges of the industry. Accio Robotics stands out for its commitment to in-house development, with the entire technology stack crafted locally in Bangalore.

While some electronic components and semiconductor parts are sourced from foreign economies, the core activities, including design, machining, and research and development, take place in-house. Accio Robotics boasts two flagship products that cater to the needs of warehouses. The first product, AccioPick Pilot, is an assisted picking solution designed for person-to-good automation. Already in the market, this product has caught attention for its efficiency and effectiveness.

The much-anticipated AccioPick Air, the second product, is a goods-to-person solution. Uniquely crafted over 15-20 months of internal development, Accio Robotics aims to set new industry standards with this product. The launch of AccioPick Air will take place at LogiMAT India 2024 which will also mark a milestone for the company, showcasing its dedication to pushing the boundaries of warehouse automation.

While Accio Robotics has primarily focused on the domestic market, Tuhin Sharma, Co-Founder and Business Development Head, reveals an export-focused strategy on the horizon. The company envisions an international presence and plans to offer solutions that address global logistics challenges.

Mr Sharma highlights the challenges faced by the logistics and intra-logistics industry in India. According to him, the industry operates on legacy processes that were established before the arrival of e-commerce. With the rise in consumer demands and the rise of e-commerce giants, traditional practices have become outdated.

Accio Robotics sees an opportunity to change these age-old practices with technology-driven solutions. The company advocates for a shift in mindset, encouraging companies to view automation not as a luxury but as a necessity. Their goal is to make automation an integral part of the Request for Quotation (RFQ) process when setting up new facilities.

Participation in LogiMAT India 2024 holds immense significance for Accio Robotics. This event provides a platform for the company to showcase its products, engage with industry stakeholders, and establish itself as a known player in the warehouse automation sector. The goal is to not only demonstrate their technological capabilities but also to make collaborations and partnerships.

Accio Robotics aims to change the narrative around automation in India. They aspire to see automation evolve from being perceived as a “good-to-have” product to a “must-have-product” component in the logistics and intra-logistics landscape. The company believes that events like LOGIMAT INDIA contribute to this transformation by bringing together key players and facilitating discussions on the future of warehouse automation.

As Accio Robotics is set for LogiMAT India 2024, the anticipation surrounding the launch of AccioPick Air takes centre stage. The warehouse automation landscape in India is on the edge of transformation, and Accio Robotics aims to be at the front of this revolution. With a robust foundation built on in-house development, indigenous solutions, and a vision for international expansion, the company is ready to leave an indelible mark on the logistics and intra-logistics industry through LogiMAT India 2024


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