Indigenous Skiving Cutters from SS Tools to debut at IPTEX-GRINDEX Pune

SSTools Gupta
SSTools Gupta

Carrying forward business for over four decades in itself is hard enough since there is a lot that goes into it. Virtues like consistency, persistence, integrity, conflict resolution, team management, customer satisfaction, and more will be put to test beyond one's comprehension and only those who survive this test can survive in the market for such a period.

SS Tools, a precision gear cutting tools manufacturer has not only proved to survive in the industry for a period of over 40 years but in the due course has emerged as a pioneer and a leader in this industry. Machine Maker brings you the inside story of the company and its involvement in the upcoming IPTEX-GRINDEX 2020 exhibition in conversation with Tanish Gupta, Director, SS Tools.

Since its inception in 1978, SS Tools has been making tools for the gear cutting industry. The company’s head office is based in Patiala and has established its marketing offices in most cities across India. With both technical and marketing insight, Tanish holds one of the top positions at the management level and with varied responsibilities in the day-to-day affairs of the company. In the last three decades of its operations, SS Tools has been producing a comprehensive range of quality gear cutting tools for various industries such as automotive gearing, railways, defense sector, aerospace, machine tool, and other diverse gearing applications.

SS Tools manufactures its products in the state of the art production facility as per the latest technology process and their strength lies in the selection of highest quality raw materials including sintered high-speed steel, advanced computer-aided design manufacturing, and stringent quality control process.          

SS Tools will be participating in the upcoming IPTEX-GRINDEX 2020 exhibition for the first time and the objectives are to first meet with the existing customers and then to tap new customers in Pune in order to increase their presence in the region.

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