PRECISE to offer FISCHER High-Frequency Spindles & MOTOREX Spindle line products at GRINDEX Pune

precise Manish
precise Manish

Although the technology of high-frequency spindle is now familiar and has many players in the field, it was not the case in 1979. Nearly 40 years ago Precise GmbH, a German company launched its business in high-frequency spindle in India when the idea was still very new, and it was Prakash Latkar, Managing Director, Precise High-Speed Spindle Service Center Private Limited (PRECISE) who played a key role in promoting high-frequency spindles in India. Machine Maker spoke to Manish Deshpande, Manager- Sales & Marketing, PRECISE, in an exclusive interview, in an effort to bring to you all that you need to know about the company and the industry.

PRECISE is the sole distributor of spindles manufactured by FISCHER AG used for grinding applications. The company is supplying grinding spindles pan India that are manufactured by FISCHER AG, a Switzerland based leading precision spindle manufacturer whose products are used in various fields such as automobile, aerospace, medicine, space application, electrical industries, etc. PRECISE was established in the year 1996 as a sales and service company for a range of industries and providing services in spindle accessories, cutting oil, and other parts. Spindle and coolants are products of Motorex, yet another Swiss-based company, and are supplied as complimentary for their grinding spindles.

Manish Deshpande and Deepa Deshpande handle the operations of PRECISE and ensure offering world-class services to their customers. When Manish takes care of the installation and troubleshooting along with sales and Marketing aspects of the company and Deepa handle repair and maintenance aspects of the business. Manish said that until now their company has participated in the IMTEX exhibition and this is the first time they will be participating in the GRINDEX exhibition, which is held at Autocluster, Chinchwad, Pune from 13th of February 2020. Through their participation, the Precise Spindle expects to connect and establish a network with newer users of grinding applications in the engineering and manufacturing industries especially for repair and maintenance of these grinding appliances.



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